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Current and Upcoming Transformative Workshops


KFBG delivers inspiring, awareness-shifting and transformative programmes that are rich in potential life-changing experiences.

Having plenty of money and material possessions may not give us true happiness and could lead to unnecessary consumerism and a wasteful lifestyle. Such lifestyle habits and behaviours directly cause the destruction of natural habitats and pollute our air, water and soil.  In ancient Greece Gaia was the personification of Earth. People recognized that she should be respected like our mother, as she gives us life and provides for us. 

We offer an opportunity and a peaceful space in the natural environment of KFBG for participants to experience, to rethink, to identify and to be able to deeply connect and appreciate Gaia, our mother Earth, and the interconnection and interrelationship that we share with her. 

By being close to, and having a respect for nature, through our transformative workshops, people could experience a sense of deep happiness and spiritual contentment in which could facilitate a more holistic way of living.

Every year, KFBG invites many local and overseas speakers and experts in different fields to engage in our transformative workshops. We are also developing transformative programmes in collaboration with Schumacher College from the UK,  a well-known international college for transformative courses for sustainable living which has inspired and encouraged people of all ages and backgrounds around the world to act and to stand up for sustainable living and the long-term health of planet.

The renowned educator and writer, Dr. Satish Kumar of Schumacher College, has shared his views on holistic topics in public talks and workshops to major corporations, Government, schools and universities in Hong Kong. Video highlights can be found at the Video Library.

Planetary Synchronized Breath of Bliss Ceremony Hong Kong

Fundraising for Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden

Breath of Bliss™ is a breathwork practice that infuses you with aliveness using breath, movement and sound. Unlike other breathing practices, emphasis is placed on liberating oneself and achieving unity with others.

This special Breath of Bliss Ceremony is a part of the Planetary Breath of Bliss Project. Participants will become part of a synchronised ceremony taking place around the world on the same day, centering on a powerful worldwide message of love.

Please click here for more information. 

Nature is the Healer - A 3-day Retreat with Tribal Messenger, Jhon Kwano
3 days of stories, sharing, breathwork and healing in nature

KFBG is delighted to once again host Jhon Kwano, an elder and Messenger from the Dani tribe in the highlands of Papua, one of the most bio-culturally diverse places on Earth. Join us for 3 days of stories, sharing, breathwork and healing in nature.

In this retreat, Jhon will share the knowledge of his culture, the challenges they face and his journey through the ‘Four Worlds’. He will help participants explore how to harmonise our relationship with nature in the modern world and guide them in a journey of healing in the beautiful natural surroundings of Kadoorie Farm.

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Little Fish Workshop
A Half-Day of Silence and Transformation in Nature

The Little Fish Workshop is a half-day workshop of silence in the natural and tranquil environment of KFBG. Sitting in silence, mindful walking, story-telling, stretching exercises, making an offering to Nature, touching the earth and sharing will be introduced in this workshop. The workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to experience the joy of silence, and through the space of a still mind, to connect their inner self with nature.

Apply now:
Little Fish Workshop  (9 Sep 2017)

Dragon Workshop
A Half-Day of Silence and Transformation in Nature

The Dragon Workshop is a one-day workshop in the natural and tranquil environment of KFBG. It is an extended version of the Little Fish Workshop. It provides more time for participants to experience their connection to nature through inner silence and a shift in awareness.

Apply now:
Dragon Workshop (15 Oct 2017)


Energy of Nature Workshop
Cultivate a deep awareness and intuitive relationship with nature

The 'Energy of Nature' Workshop is a programme that aims to cultivate a deep awareness and intuitive relationship with nature, including communication with plants and trees.

The objective of the workshop is to strengthen and deepen participants' conscious communion with nature, and may help to open the door to a more fulfilling and holistic lifestyle.

Physio-Yoga in Nature Course
Rehabilitation for the body and mind

Physio-Yoga at KFBG will have the added benefit when being surrounded by a serene, natural environment, far away from any sources of worry that may burden the mind. A healthy low carbon cooking class will also be taught at the heritage building of the Green Hub. Open your senses to allow your spirit to be freed in nature and feel your body healed and nourished.

Upcoming workshops will be annouced shortly.




Zentangle in Nature
Meditate through art

Zentangle is not just a way to draw but a way to meditate through art. Participants will reflect deeply and become absorbed in their actions as they make "one stroke at a time"®. The outcomes are as limitless as your imagination.
It is an easy-to-learn and fun way to create meaningful art through our own lines and pen strokes. Without any art background, anyone can enjoy the process and create beautiful graphics easily. This fun and relaxing approach is useful to help participants feel empowered and connected to nature, which they can use again and again.

Please click here for group application.




Experience Peace in Nature
A Booklet of Contemplative Practices at KFBG

In the booklet, there are seven contemplative practices especially designed for visitors to practice in seven locations in the beautiful natural environment of KFBG. Begin a unique journey by experiencing peace in nature.

Printed Version: HKD20 (Purchase at the Reception)
Online Version: Free Download

Reconnecting with Nature: A Day of Mindfulness
Exploring the Interconnection with Nature

Living in a fast-paced city like Hong Kong, we may find our minds full of scattered thoughts with concerns about our families, work and relationships, which often leave us in stress and anxiety. This programme is specially designed to help participants slow down, take a break from their busy schedule, and enjoy the beautiful natural environment of KFBG. It aims at supporting the participants to experience peace and happiness.

Participants will spend time relaxing, reflecting and learning how to reconnect with nature in KFBG’s tranquil grounds. There will be a number of mindfulness activities, including silent walking and sitting in nature, total relaxation and reflection sessions. Please click here for application.