China Eco Tales
Posted Date: Thursday 14 September 2017
In Hainan Province, there is a tiny nature reserve designated to protect an extremely rare but neglected species of deer - the Hainan Eld’s Deer (Rucervus eldii hainanus). Hainan Bangxi Provincial Nature Reserve measures a minute 3.6 km2, but it holds more than 12% of the entire deer population in China (the total population is about 800).
Activity Report
Posted Date: Wednesday 13 September 2017
‘The Wild Encounter’ was the new summer camp for youth aged 12-14 years. A total of 29 campers joined the camp during 17-19 July 2017. The camp activities give participants first-hand experience of KFBG’s conservation work such as wild animal rescue, wildlife survey and forest restoration.
Animal Stories
Posted Date: Monday 4 September 2017
Two critically endangered Siamese crocodiles departed for their new permanent home in Singapore Zoo on August 15 after being cared for by the KFBG Wild Animal Rescue Centre for several years. The duo will be education exhibits, raising awareness about the plight of their kind.
Animal Stories
Posted Date: Wednesday 9 August 2017
Emy is one of our Animal Ambassadors on display at the Reptile Lookout. She was the only surviving tortoise in an illegal consignment of 10,000 turtles and tortoises that were being smuggled through Hong Kong in July 2003. Her companions, crammed into little boxes, all died.
Animal Stories
Posted Date: Thursday 15 June 2017
Two Chinese pangolins were received and cared for by the KFBG Wild Animal Rescue Centre in the space of three weeks.