Visit KFBG

Notes for Visitors Who Wish to Drive Inside KFBG

1. Visitors can drive inside KFBG during our opening hours (9:30am - 5:00pm) from Monday to Saturday. This option is not available on Sundays, “Closed Days” at KFBG and public holidays.
2. To minimise impact on the environment and other visitors, KFBG has a limit on the number of vehicles that can be driven by visitors inside KFBG.
3. Visitors can only drive Vehicle Classification Code 1 - Private Cars inside the Farm. Other types of vehicles cannot be driven by visitors inside the Farm.
4. Drivers must have at least 1 year’s solid driving experience since passing a recognized Government driving test.
5. Limited quotas for Driving Inside KFBG are available from Monday to Saturday except Farm Closing Days and public holidays. Prior application is available up to 30 days in advance ; please call our reservation hotline at (852) 2483-7200 then press 1 > 1 > 6, from 09:30 to 17:00. Parking spaces are limited. First come first served.
6. Kindly provide your vehicle registration number, date and time of visit, name and contact telephone number when you make the booking.
7. Visitors whose vehicles are permitted to enter the Farm must access KFBG from the main entrance, and, register and purchase admission tickets at our Operations Office.
8. Please sign the Visitor Driving Declaration Form before beginning your tour.
9. Visitors who are allowed to drive their vehicles inside KFBG must enter before 14:30 and leave by 17:00.
10. In the event of adverse weather conditions like fog, rain, thunderstorm or strong winds, or unsafe road conditions, driving is not permitted inside KFBG. Visitors who have a prior booking for driving inside KFBG can park their cars in designated spaces.
11. Please read and sign the Visitor Driving Declaration and pass it onto the Gate Keeper when entering KFBG.
12. For enquiries and booking details, please contact our staff at our Reception Office on (852) 2483 7200 during office hours.