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Request for Donation of Second-Hand Equipment for Our Projects in South China


Yinggeling Nature Reserve in Hainan has the largest remaining tropical rainforest on the island. It is over 500 square kilometres (half the size of Hong Kong) and has over 200 wardens charged to protect the forest and all the plants and animals within. Since 2005, KFBG China Programme has been working closely with the reserve so that it can serve as a regional example of effective nature reserve management. One of the important areas is to build up the capacity of the reserve staff and we have run many on-the-job training programmes.

However, we are still troubled by not having enough field equipment especially digital cameras and binoculars for the wardens to use during their routine patrols in the forests. Cameras and binoculars are essential for the wardens to effectively monitor and record illegal activities and the special animals and plants. These items would also help them to further develop their interest in nature.

Therefore, if you have an extra digital camera and/or binoculars that you don’t need and which are in good condition, please consider donating them to us. We’ll pass them onto the Yinggeling Nature Reserve for the wardens to use. This will not only greatly enhance the protection of this unique forest, but will also help to promote sustainability.

If you wish to donate your second-hand digital cameras and binoculars, please give them to the KFBG Operations Office. For enquiries, please contact Ms Maggie Fok at (852) 2483 7178 or