Sustainable Living Campaign



Growing Food is possible even with only little space.

Urban farming is a lot less complicated than people might think. Shortage of space and environmental constraints can be challenging, but it is usualy possible to grow some of our own food at home. The growFOOD@HOME campaign promotes the basic principles of sustainable gardening and seasonal planting which are applicable on a household scale. We also introduce methods for food production ranging from pot planting to sprouting. 

There is a demonstration garden at KFBG and we give regular demonstrations at KFBG - you are welcome to learn from wandering through our Eco-garden and reading the signage,  joining a workshop, or buying and studying our book, 'Grow Organic' in the Farm Shop. Sign up to be a Friend of KFBG to receive regular comminutations; and also check the NEWS page.




LOWcarbonDiet@Home campaign had over 6,000 participants.

The LOWcarbonDIET@HOME campaign guides participants through the L.O.V.E.R.S. principles (Local, Organic, Vegetable-based, Energy Efficient Cooking, Reducing waste, Seasonal eating) for enjoying a healthy and sustainable diet.

Participants learn how to prepare a delicious meal without generating any kitchen waste. We will be running workshops at the Green Hub and KFBG.  Sign up to be a Friend of KFBG to receive regular communications and check the NEWS page.


An example: Funded by the Environmental Protection Department, a LOWcarbonDiet @home project, was co-organised with the Hong Kong Federation of Women (HKFW) from December 2010 to April 2011 to train more than 300 low carbon ambassadors of HKFW's member organisations in different districts to promote transition to low-carbon living.


One Tonne Challenge (OTC)

One Tonne Challenge was launched on 29 July 2007.
On average, each Hong Kong citizen generates a greenhouse gas emission equivalent to 6.7 tonnes of CO2 every year. Our daily CO2 emissions are closely associated with fossil fuel combustion. The One Tonne Challenge (OTC) calls for public action in taking energy saving measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in order to combat climate change. The campaign is jointly organised by KFBG and the Environmental Association, and a series of educational resources and training programmes have been developed since 2007. The campaign website ( provides an online CO2 calculator to let people work out their CO2 saving budget.
By December 2014, we had obtained commitments from over 29,000 members of the public to reduce CO2 by over 94,000 tonnes. There was also a public education platform at our Farmers Market Central Star Ferry Pier, on the ground floor between Piers 7 and 8, every Sunday, with an education display and various theme workshops for the public to join.