Animal Displays at KFBG

 Reptile Garden 

The Reptile Garden houses interesting turtles, tortoises and lizards primarily originating from Southeast Asia. All animals were rescued from the wildlife trade and were either destined as exotic pets or exotic food. The reptiles are often very weak when found due to improper care and may not be used to the Hong Kong climate particularly if they arrive during the cool dry season. Therefore, we strongly advise the public not to participate in the unsustainable use of wildlife in the food, pet and medicine trade.






Domestic Pigs, and, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) go back a long way. In the days of the Kadoorie Agricultural Aid Association (K.A.A.A.), pig breeding and livestock improvement was a major part of the Farm's work. The specimens we have are Da Hua Bai pigs, and although we have stopped breeding pigs, we still keep a few for heritage and educational purposes.

They are still very popular with visitors and are a reminder of where pork comes from in the diet.

These pigs are educational ambassadors. Their message is ‘EAT LESS MEAT’.



Wild Boar Enclosure

Next door to the pigsties are the ancestors of the domestic pig - Wild Boar. These mammals still roam across most of Asia and Europe, and are still widespread and common in Hong Kong. The animals displayed here were orphaned and raised by our Rescue Team. After being hand-raised, the wild boar became too friendly to release back into the wild.






Raptor Roost

Some of the birds you see in this aviary are probably familiar to you if you live in Hong Kong. Black Kites (Milvus migrans), are often seen wheeling around in the skies above us. They are very successful birds of prey with a wide distribution from Europe to Australia. Unlike most raptors in Hong Kong, they still frequent urban areas but they are not totally at home in this environment and can sometimes become disorientated within the maze of mirror-like glass skyscrapers and end up colliding with them. Many of the kites brought to the Rescue Centre for treatment have met such misfortune. Others have been kept as illegal pets and were abandoned or ill-treated. It is illegal to keep birds of prey as pets in Hong Kong and, like most wild animals, should be left in the wild. 

After treatment most of the raptors get released back to the wild. Some are too badly injured to survive in the wild but can adapt to captivity, and we keep these here for educational purposes.

Streamlife Display

In this display house, you can see the examples of sections of the Lam Tsuen River from the upper stream to the middle stream and finally the lower stream. Selected fauna from these different sections of stream are displayed. Discover the different adaptations, organisms have evolved to survive in the Lam Tsuen Stream.






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