Animal Spotlight

Several thousand years ago, Hong Kong was a haven for wildlife, without much human disturbance. There was a rich biodiversity in the forests with many kinds of plants. Forest animals were found throughout this natural wilderness. However, natural habitats have shrunk and many wild animals have disappeared because of trapping and hunting by humans and depletion of food sources. People sometimes forget that Hong Kong still has resident wild animals such as barking deer, wild boar, porcupines, leopard cats and civets. In fact, they were some of the earliest inhabitants of Hong Kong. The mural on the walls of the Piers Jacobs Wildlife Sanctuary shows some of the animals that used to live wild in Hong Kong in the distant past.

KFBG has set-up a number of infra-red video camera systems within our "protected area" to capture the behaviour patterns of the myriad of creatures that live wild on the slopes of our mountain. These precious videos show the everyday life of the wild animals; by understanding more about them, we hope that people in Hong Kong may learn to cherish the many forest animals that thrive in their natural habitats. We need your help to enable them to continue to live, undisturbed.

Barking Deer – “scavenger”  or “grazer” of the forest 


Location: Native Forest of Upper hillside at KFBG

Barking deer are unable to reach the fruits on higher tree branches. We have discovered that individuals have taken to following Macaques to pick up the wasted fruit fragments. In this video, a trap camera has captured a barking deer while it is looking for the kumquat pieces discarded by the Macaque. This is how animals connect with each other in nature.



A Resident Wild Boar Family


Location: Orchard near Butterfly Path

A camera trap has captured a wild boar family along a hillside trail at night.