Books Published by KFBG


A Field Guide to the Dragonflies of Hainan

Grahan Reels and Zhang Haomiao


Biodivisity of Tengchong, Gaoligongshan

Chan Pui Lok Bosco, Bi Zheng



The Story of Hainan Gibbon


Grow Organic@home


KFBG Postcards

A Set of 7 cards


The Wild Orchids of Hong Kong

Gloria Barretto, Philip Cribb and Stephan Gale


Garden in the Sky
Edward Stokes



Check List of Plants at Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden
Gloria D’ Almada Barretto


Pictorial Guide Book of KFBG Plants (Revised Edition)


Grow Organic





Ecology of the Birds of Hong Kong
John R. Fellowes, Michael W.N. Lau, Ng Sai Chit, Bosco P.L. Chan, Ramesh Boonratana and Andy Brown

First South East Asian Lepidoptera Conservation Symposium



Focus on Hong Kong Bats: Their Conservation and The Law


Ferns of Hong Kong


Other Books and Publications available in the Farm Shop

Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine Resurgence Trust  HK$170
Pictorial Guide Book of Hong Kong Moths Volume One Hong Kong Lepidopterists' Society HK$75
Pictorial Guide Book of Hong Kong Moths Volume One Hong Kong Lepidopterists' Society HK$75

自然學家 - 瀕危動植物

漁護署 HK$60
香港石頭記  香港地貌岩石保育協會、漁護署 HK$38
Hong Kong Nature Lanscapes Edward Stokes HK$275
Wild Flowers of South China Part 2 Hu Shiu-Ying, B M Walden HK$195
蟲蟲世界 方鴻漸 HK$50
The Giving Tree Shel Silverstein  HK$200
愛心樹 Shel Silverstein 譯:鄭小芸 HK$120
The Man Who Planted Trees Jean Giono HK$80
種樹的男人 Jean Giono 譯:李毓昭 HK$50
There you go! Oren Ginzburg HK$80
Circling The Heart Andrew McAulay HK$50
Earth Pilgrim Satish Kumar HK$220
尋蟲記 李熙瑜 HK$128
Holistic Education Anne Phillips HK$130
生物剽竊 著: 范達娜˙席娃  HK$65
譯 : 陳若盈、楊佳蓉
生物多樣性的早餐 著: 約翰˙范德彌爾、伊薇特˙波費托 HK$90
譯 :周沛郁、王安生
大地非石油 著: 范達娜˙席娃  HK$56
譯 :陳思穎
The Lorax Dr. Seuss HK$120
Permaculture: A Designers' Manual Bill Mollison HK$1,144
向大自然學設計 孟磊、江慧儀 HK$140
A Photographic Guide To The Birds Of Hong Kong The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society HK$400
North East & Central NT- Countryside Series Lands Department HK$83
No Destination Satish Kumar HK$230
Spiritual Compass Satish Kumar HK$177
Tropical Rain Forests Richard T Corlett and Richard B Primack HK$560
The Ecology of Tropical East Asia Richard T Corlett HK$594
The Transition Timeline Shaun Chamberlaine HK$181
The Transition Companion Rob Hopkins HK$264
不可思議的生態系 著:兒玉浩憲 HK$103
The Secret Teachings of Plants Stephen Harrod Buhner HK$226
Great Botanic Gardens of the World (with a chapter on KFBG) Sara Oldfield HK$635
A field guide to the Reptiles of South-East Asia Indraneil Das HK$667
A Field Guide to the Terrestrial Mammals of Hong Kong C.T.Shek HK$100
A field guide to The Orchids of China 陳心啟、劉仲健、羅毅波、金效華、吉占和 HK$390
The Transition Handbook Rob Hopkins HK$260
種好生活(Map) SLA Dept/KFBG HK$5
蛙蛙世界 AFCD HK$80
迢迢千里(新版) 陳堅峰 AFCD HK$38
大埔滘 細查昆蟲 AFCD HK$38
畫遊天地 AFCD HK$50
昆蟲萬花筒 黃勇慶 賀貞意 譚子慧 廖智安 HK$120
小小地球 James Bruges 譯:楊曉霞 HK$60
小即時美 著:修馬克 譯:李華夏 HK$120
給孩子一個綠色無毒家 林麗珊 HK$108
Unveiling the Heart Andrew McAulay HK$75
The Power of Communiry(DVD) 大地旅人環境工作室 HK$150
地球使用者的樸門設計手冊 RosenmaryMorrow 王佩君等 HK$280
Growing Food in the City Bing and Dave Sanders HK$148
The Energy of Nations Jeremy Leggett HK$245
落地生根 社區夥伴 HK$80
沒有終點 著:Satish Kumar  譯:林知美 HK$130
Souls-The Pike Miners-Their Eternal Essence A.B.See HK$1,000
A Guide to Orchids of Hong Kong Stephan Gale, Abdelhamid Bizis, Liu Kwok & Kinson Chan HK$210
My Garden -My friends Bing and Dave Sanders HK$148
Touching the Heart Taking Roots 社區夥伴 HK$80
尋蟲記(2)-蟲中取樂 李熙瑜 HK$128

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