Fauna Conservation Volunteer

The main goals of the Fauna Conservation Department are to help protect our local and regional biodiversity, through our wildlife rescue work, breeding programmes and educational projects, which aim to connect visitors with nature and conservation issues.


The focus of our work is:

1. Wild Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation

2. Endangered Species Conservation

3. Specialist Wildlife / Ecological Advisory Services

4. Unique Educational Experiences

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Veterinary volunteers

We provide opportunities for qualified veterinarians and veterinary students to gain experience with the Fauna Conservation Department Veterinary Hospital.

  • Project volunteers

For those who prefer field work, there are places available to assist our Fauna Staff with surveys including illegal trap searches in Hong Kong’s wild places, and ecological monitoring of threatened habitats.

  • Wildlife Animal Rescue Centre

Limited places are available for volunteers to assist in the wildlife rescue work. In most cases, we prefer experienced volunteers or medium and long-term volunteers (a month or more of service).


  1. The general care of rescued animals including preparing food, cleaning cages and laundry
  2. Assisting staff with regular animal check-ups, treatments and animal feeding

What we’re looking for:

  1. A hardworking, responsible team player
  2. Physically fit and enjoy the outdoors
  3. A minimum commitment of 3 days per week (Monday – Sunday, 8:30am - 5 pm) for at least 2 months.
  4. Valid tetanus vaccination
  5. Valid rabies and hepatitis B vaccination (Preferred)
  6. Previous experience with animals including pets (Preferred)

What you’ll get:

  1. Joy in working with animals and a deeper understanding of their needs, and be able to contribute toward the conservation of many different species
  2. Basic animal husbandry training
  3. Additional animal husbandry training (For volunteers who can offer long term regular commitment i.e. at least 4 days per week for at least 2 months)
  4. Lunch and travel allowance (For volunteers who can offer long term regular commitment)

When filling in your application, please indicate “Wild Animal Rescue Centre” in the “Volunteer Job Requested”.

  • Live Educational Displays

Volunteers can also help in the Live Educational Displays section, where rescued animals that cannot be released back to the wild are maintained and displayed for educational purposes. Volunteers will pick up skills in animal care and providing captive enrichment for exhibit animals.

  • Education and Administration

For volunteers who are inclined towards office work, we have places available for volunteers to assist our Education Officer. Works would include filing, signage preparation, stocktaking, photography, etc. And for those that would like to be involved in our education programme we have several regular education activities that they can join. 

Volunteers may assist with education activities such as our Animal Encounters programme, where visitors are introduced to some of our captive animals at close quarters. We also run an Animal Discovery Table once a month on a Sunday which is manned by volunteers who engage members of the public with animal specimens such as snake skins, skulls and feathers.

How To Apply

Before you apply, please read the Volunteer Attachment Programme Conditions.

Due to limited parking space, volunteers are recommended to take public transportation to KFBG.

Please click here to apply online.

You may contact fauna@kfbg.org for further questions or information.

Once receiving your application, we will contact you by email shortly.