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Wooden Kalimba-Making Musical Workshop/Guided Tour

Nature / Objectives 
This is a two-day workshop and guided tour which combines woodworking and music making with nature.

Participants will learn basic woodworking skills, be introduced to Mother Nature’s music, and share in music making. The activities will help participants connect with nature through music.

Programme Content
Participants will be introduced to woodworking in the first of two woodworking sessions. These include the techniques of handling hand saws, chisels and wood finishing procedures.

The history and types of kalimba will be introduced. Participants will be instructed how to create their own kalimba. All materials needed will be provided.

Following the woodworking session, basic kalimba playing techniques and songs will be also be demonstrated. Simple ways of creating good resonances for any wood body would also be shared.

Participants will join a guided nature walk in the lower area where they will be invited to hear and appreciate the music of nature through the natural sounds of their surroundings.

At the end of the workshop, participants will enjoy a music sharing session where they will be encouraged to perform and share music by using their own music instruments among the trees.

Mr. Lo Siu Hi (Snoopy), a previous Geography teacher, joined KFBG as a volunteer for over a decade. He has helped in various educational programmes and woodworking sessions, and possesses rich experience in woodworking. Snoopy is now a woodwork instructor in KFBG, passionate in educating and promoting recycle wood.

Dates & Time

16 - 17 October 2021 (Saturday - Sunday)  (Two-day workshop 0930 – 1600)
*Participants are expected to attend all two sessions
**All included one hour lunch break, but lunch is not provided
***All participants have personal working zones to maximize space and minimize movement.


(For members) $630HKD,   (For non-members) $700HKD

(Covers all costs of the workshop, including necessary materials, tools, staffing, and the finished musical instrument to take home)
* Upon confirmation of application and payment, changes and refund will not be considered unless it is cancelled due to inclement weather condition, social movement or COVID- 19 Pandemic.

Acquaintance of basic musical instrument playing would be appreciated.

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden

No. of Participants
15 (Aged 18 or above)



Please click here for the online registration on or before 12 October 2021.

Please contact Ms. Vera Hung of the KFBG Education Department at (852) 2483 7107 or email to