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Volunteer recruitment for “The Gibbon’s Life in the Treetops” exhibition
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Event introduction

Gibbons are one of our closest living relatives. We share lots in common: our ability to walk upright, nimble hands, devotion to the family and even love for singing. But unlike humans, gibbons are perfectly adapted to life in the treetops.

They spend all their time high up in the misty, vine-draped rainforests of Asia, and are known for swinging their way from tree to tree with the grace and agility of natural aerial acrobats.

But as their forest home are being replaced by towns, roads and plantations, gibbons along with their captivating serenades and treetop stunts are on the verge of disappearing forever – all living species of gibbons are considered by experts as globally threatened with extinction.

October 24 marks the International Gibbon Day. Every year, gibbon lovers and conservationists around the world organise events to raise awareness. This year, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden has curated “The Gibbon’s Life in the Treetops” exhibition. Visit the exhibition’s reinvented ranger house and rainforest in the heart of our city to get to know gibbons and the team of Hong Kong conservationists pulling them back from the brink.


Time: 11:30-19:00

Venue: Atrium, Lee Tung Avenue, Wanchai

Volunteer Quota: 22

Application requirement:

  • Aged 18 or above
  • Have good communication skills
  • Be able to speak fluent Cantonese and English
  • Attend the training session on 25 September
  • Commit at least 3 volunteer days during the exhibition period

Each volunteer will get:

  • Staff T-shirt
  • Volunteer certificate
  • HKD100 travel allowance and HKD50 meal allowance for each working day

Application deadline: 10/9/2021

Apply HERE