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KFBG Diary
Posted Date: Saturday 21 March 2020
Carrying out organic agriculture adjacent to a private nature reserve has its inherent pressures. One being the challenge of trying to live in harmony with wild animals attracted by the concentrated food sources. Wild animals can be resourceful and clever at getting what they want so the staff of the Sustainable Living and Agriculture Department must continually develop ways to protect the vegetables and fruits, while at the same time not harming the wildlife.
China Eco Tales
Posted Date: Friday 20 March 2020
While there is no lack of scientific papers and checklists of birds and mammals of Cambodia, the same can’t be said for butterflies...When we put together these bits and pieces of information, we only drew up a narrow list of less than 400 butterflies – far fewer than the neighbouring countries.
Animal Stories
Posted Date: Tuesday 17 March 2020
The sky used to be the realm of birds, but as we developed the skills and technologies to build skyscrapers, our living space has merged with the world of the feathered creatures. In an attempt to ‘blend in’, increasingly more high-rise architecture includes mirror-like surfaces, camouflaging the solid building by reflecting the sky and the clouds. This creates a problem which is detrimental to birds, taking away thousands of avian lives every year globally. And this is happening right here in Hong Kong. The problem also occurs in migratory bats that are probably confused by the star-like light reflected from the towers at night.
A Better World
Posted Date: Monday 16 March 2020
Tropical forests are among the world’s richest habitats; the streams that flow through them, for example, have five to ten times more fish than waterbodies elsewhere. Whereas local communities have derived their livelihoods from the fish, fruit mushrooms and other edibles that can be harvested from these forests year after year for centuries, clear-cutting has decimated this bounty in a matter of decades. Whilst nature fosters diversity, markets in today’s fast-paced world appear to be doing the opposite.
Animal Stories
Posted Date: Monday 16 March 2020
Many people will now be aware that coronaviruses have been found naturally in several species of mammal. Just as humans carry the common cold virus, animals will carry their own viruses...After spending many years getting to know bats and learning more about the critical role they play in our natural ecosystems I felt it appropriate to help balance the story regarding bats and their connection with coronaviruses.