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Plants & Us
Posted Date: Wednesday 15 January 2020
In 2017, staff of KFBG’s Flora Conservation Department (FLO) made an exciting discovery through BGCI’s (Botanic Gardens Conservation International) Plant Search, a database designed to help botanic gardens share material for conservation purposes...
Activity Report
Posted Date: Tuesday 14 January 2020
The 25th Kadoorie Brothers Memorial Race was held on 15th December 2019, to commemorate the Kadoorie brothers, Lord Lawrence and Sir Horace. This time we received over 150 applications and 105 participants attended on that day...
Plants & Us
Posted Date: Wednesday 8 January 2020
In the summer of 2018, the most intense super-typhoon ever to directly hit Hong Kong brought flooding, power outages and widespread damage to buildings and property. Super typhoon Mangkhut also uprooted thousands of trees across the region, blocking roads and making it practically impossible for thousands of people to get back to work the following day. However, the impacts of this extensive treefall could be seen far beyond the built-up areas of the city...
Plants & Us
Posted Date: Monday 6 January 2020
Phalaenopsis pulcherrima is an alluring, rock-dwelling orchid that is supremely adapted to growth in a hot, dry climate. Its wiry roots anchor the plant to exposed, sunbaked rocks where few other species can survive, and its clustered, succulent leaves withstand high temperatures and extended periods of drought. However, its gorgeous flowers that bloom through the summer monsoon and which come in a range of colours have been its downfall: intensive collection for the ornamental plant trade has led to the decimation of populations throughout its native range in tropical Asia...
China Eco Tales
Posted Date: Friday 6 December 2019
Nobody would raise an eyebrow if tyre manufacturers are hosting a conference to push for a sustainable and ethical rubber industry. After all, three thirds of global natural rubber are produced to make car, truck and plane tyres, and the manufacturers helped found the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber...