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China Eco Tales
Posted Date: Monday 16 September 2019
The internationally renowned Journal of Threatened Taxa just published a special edition on the results of our joint four-year biodiversity survey of Gaoligongshan Mountains (Tengchong Area) in Yunnan Province. This monograph covers an overview of the biodiversity assessment, diversity of mammals, birds, herpetofauna and butterflies in this mountain range of immense conservation value.
Plants & Us
Posted Date: Wednesday 11 September 2019
Calanthe masuca var. sinensis, a species that has struggled to get by in the wild of its own accord, is one of ten native orchids shortlisted for ex situ propagation at KFBG.
Animal Stories
Posted Date: Thursday 5 September 2019
Two live Madagascar Big-headed Turtles (Erymnochelys madagascariensis), were discovered inside the baggage of an outbound passenger at Lok Ma Chau Spur Line Control Point in April 2018.
KFBG Diary
Posted Date: Tuesday 20 August 2019
In 2012, Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden set out to recreate natural forest across a swathe of secondary grassland on its uppermost slopes. The aspiration to do so came from recognition of the fact that Hong Kong’s original forests, now mostly disturbed, highly fragmented and confined to remote pockets, support phenomenal levels of biodiversity. Turning this aspiration into reality has meant adopting a scientific approach to understand how plant and animal species naturally interact to build complex ecosystems.
Animal Stories
Posted Date: Friday 16 August 2019
The best part of the rescue team’s work is getting to release the animals that they have cared for and rehabilitated back to the wild. You can see in these video clips how happy the birds are to be set free, and the health of the released birds reflects weeks of hard work undertaken by the animal carers in order to reach this positive event.