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KFBG Blog: Food for BookWorms

Food for BookWorms
Posted Date: Tuesday 26 January 2016
“Field Guide to the Dragonflies of Hainan” is the first of the Hainan Wildlife Field Guide Series produced by Kadoorie Conservation China. This book is written by dragonfly experts Graham Reels and Zhang Haomiao, and is the first of its kind for Hainan.
Food for BookWorms
Posted Date: Tuesday 20 December 2011
This book, written nearly 30 years ago, was very controversial at the time. It is worth a read to see what all the fuss was about and to perhaps shift one’s perception of plants and our relationship with them.
Food for BookWorms
Posted Date: Thursday 6 October 2011
When I thought about agriculture in the past, it seemed a simple question of how to produce food that sustains lives. However, we can no longer look at it with only one dimension. In the past fifty years the Green revolution, globalization and industrial farming have made this issue more complex.
Food for BookWorms
Posted Date: Tuesday 12 July 2011
People living in the late 21st Century, when the oil is long gone, will see the world very differently to most of us today. We can hope they’ll lead rich and full lives, with sufficient resources or capital, following a great transition to regenerative resource use. But even in this optimistic scenario they will know that their most important form of wealth is natural capital. They’re likely to be mystified that during the 20th Century, caught up in the oil glut and the excesses it allowed, we forgot this. They may well be curious as to who reminded us, and conclude it was a free-thinking economist called Fritz Schumacher