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KFBG Blog: China Eco Tales

China Eco Tales
Posted Date: Friday 15 November 2019
Asian hornbills often fly, feed and roost in flocks. In Thailand, researchers observed over 1,000 Wreathed Hornbill (Rhyticeros undulates) flying together to their roost site, while in Malaysia, scientists marvelled at a gathering of 2,421 Plain-pouched Hornbills (Rhyticeros subruficollis).
China Eco Tales
Posted Date: Thursday 14 November 2019
Although the Stripe-backed Weasel (Mustela strigidorsa) is listed as Endangered on the China Species Red List, we know very little about this small carnivore’s status across the country apart from a few historic records from Guangxi, Yunnan and Guizhou.
China Eco Tales
Posted Date: Wednesday 6 November 2019
On the first morning monitoring Hainan Gibbons at Hainan Island’s Bawangling National Nature Reserve, my team tracked the species’ biggest family unit, Group C, in hopes of catching a glimpse of its 10 members by following the direction of their haunting, full-throated songs as they echo through the jungle.
China Eco Tales
Posted Date: Tuesday 22 October 2019
With the help of KFBG, our partner in Cambodia has recently transferred four rescued, globally threatened waterbirds known as the Asian Woollyneck (Ciconia episcopus) to the country’s largest wildlife sanctuary Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre (PTWRC).
China Eco Tales
Posted Date: Monday 16 September 2019
The internationally renowned Journal of Threatened Taxa just published a special edition on the results of our joint four-year biodiversity survey of Gaoligongshan Mountains (Tengchong Area) in Yunnan Province. This monograph covers an overview of the biodiversity assessment, diversity of mammals, birds, herpetofauna and butterflies in this mountain range of immense conservation value.