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KFBG Blog: Plants & Us

Plants & Us
Posted Date: Friday 1 November 2019
As we approach Autumn, the temperature mellows and the humidity drops, leaves change colour and trees begin to fruit. Autumn may be brief in Hong Kong, but it is just long enough to work its charm in all sorts of ways. It is a time of plentiful natural harvest, as celebrated by the Autumn festival throughout China. For our botanists in the Flora Conservation Department, the season is greeted with a burst of activity to collect seeds for our various plant conservation and ecological restoration programmes.
Plants & Us
Posted Date: Wednesday 11 September 2019
Calanthe masuca var. sinensis, a species that has struggled to get by in the wild of its own accord, is one of ten native orchids shortlisted for ex situ propagation at KFBG.
Plants & Us
Posted Date: Tuesday 30 July 2019
Bulbophyllum is one of the world’s largest genera of flowering plants, with more than 2,000 species found throughout the tropics. It is also the largest genus of orchids in Hong Kong, with 11 recorded species. With large leathery leaves and a stout rhizome that clambers over boulders, B.delitescens is the largest of these local species. However, owing to its rarity, little is known about it.
Plants & Us
Posted Date: Monday 15 July 2019
There are very few populations of Fordiophyton brevicaule in the wild, probably because they require very specific environmental conditions in which to grow, with plants being found in dense forest at relatively low elevation and in close proximity to streams.
Plants & Us
Posted Date: Monday 4 February 2019
Plum blossom is a symbol of celebration and luck in the Spring Festival, and has been regarded as auspicious since ancient times.