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Project Design

On 16th September 2010, the Government Development Bureau announced that KFBG's bid had been selected from bids from over 30 local NGO's to transform the Old Tai Po Police Station (a Grade I listed historic building ) into a 'Green Hub for Sustainable Living', as part of the "Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme (Batch II)". The Green Hub has adopted an integrated approach to conserve the historic, architectural and cultural values, and ecological importance. A range of low carbon living programmes, and residential transformative workshops will be provided to help individuals and organisations understand the low-carbon living alternatives to unsustainable consumption that is causing climate change and rapid resource depletion.




Architectural Style and Landscape of the Old Tai Po Police Station

The Old Tai Po Police Station Complex, at Wan Tau Kok lane, off Kwong Fuk Road, is made up mainly of a one-storey utilitarian building within a fenced compound surrounded by tall, majestic trees, on a wooded hill close to Tai Po Market Station and Tai Po old town. It comprises three units: the Main Building, the Canteen Block and the Staff Quarters. The three buildings are arranged around an open lawn.

It is a simple, economical and traditional form, with verandas of the south and east elevations is representative of the classic colonial architectural style.

However, some Chinese architectural influence can be seen in the construction of the roofs, and the roof tiles.


Restoration of the Old Tai Po Police Station

KFBG have restored the buildings and landscapes of the Old Tai Po Police Station to its former glory and transformed the site into a place for sustainable living, while conserving the special characteristics of the site – its historical, architectural, cultural and ecological features. The site opens in the summer of 2015.

  • The main building provides residential accommodation for transformative education programmes
  • The canteen uses food as an entry point for promoting low-carbon lifestyles, and the Staff Quarters are now an Art Workshop
  • The old cells and armoury have been preserved and converted into a Heritage Exhibition