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Native Mammal Display

The past deforestation of Hong Kong made survival particularly difficult for many mammal species. This situation is now improving due to local conservation efforts, but mammals in the region still face threats from road traffic, urban development and the illegal food and pet trade.

The Native Mammal Display is home to two Leopard Cats and one Masked Palm Civet.

The Leopard Cat sisters, Chomel and Manis, are descendants of rescued Leopard Cats from Malaysia. In 2015, they were donated by Singapore Zoo to KFBG for educational purposes. They belong to the same species as the wild leopard cats found in Hong Kong.

Bo Zi the Masked Palm Civet was rescued from Tai Hang in Hong Kong, but unfortunately due to a severe injury her right front leg was amputated. Due to her disability Bo Zi cannot be released back to the wild.