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With over 2000 species, Bulbophyllum is the largest genus in the orchid family and the second largest genus of all flowering plants. The genus is spread across four continents (Asia, Africa, Australia and South America) and presents a great many challenges to scientific understanding with regard to taxonomic resolution, ecology and evolution. There remains a lack of clarity as to whether certain closely related genera, such as Trias, Sunipia and Drymoda, should be incorporated into Bulbophyllum. At the same time, many species are thought to have highly restricted distributions, in some cases being endemic to single mountain ranges. Due to their unusual flowers, many species are threatened by poaching from the wild for horticulture and private collections. For these reasons, the Asian species of Bulbophyllum have been selected as one of our focal genera at KFBG. The information generated will help forge better understanding of the taxonomy, phylogeny, distribution and conservation of the genus in the region.