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Current & Upcoming Events

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) organises a wide variety of events and activities throughout the year. Plan your visit to join our events or see our displays. Advance booking is required for some events.

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Fri 11 Jan  - Thu 31 Dec
Public Events
The Forest Immersion Walk is a half-day walking journey that rebuilds your relationship with the forest.  During this journey, you are invited to walk slowly, open your heart and immerse yourself, through different senses, into the living forest. Be relaxed and take in all that this magnificent forest has to offer. Let our guides open the door for you and allow the forest to be the therapist to carry you, support you and heal you.
Fri 22 Nov  - Thu 31 Dec
Public Events
Every day at our Art House, a series of nature-related art and handicraft activities can be enjoyed by our visitors. Please feel free to walk around the gardens and forest and make your own art from what you see (please do not harm any living nature).
Thu 28 Nov  - Wed 31 Mar
Public Events
Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) Artists-in-Residence welcomes applications from artists, performers and writers. KFBG resides near Lam Tsuen, Tai Po, one of Hong Kong’s little-known jewels, with nine kilometres of road wind their way up around organic farming terraces, theme gardens and native forest to the summit at over 1800ft above sea level. Artists may employ various materials and inspirations from nature to create bodies of arts and performances, to embody a meaningful conversation between art, sustainability, nature and the community.
Sat 21 Mar  - Sat 18 Apr
Public Events
This 3-day course has been designed to promote understanding of the potentials of city farming and to provide the basic skills for growing one's own food in a sustainable way.
Sat 4 Apr
Public Events , Payment: Credit Card
A refreshment day with Claire Elouard is proposed to all participants from Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. This day aims at refreshing and deepening one’s perception and connection to oneself, to nature’s energy and healing powers, as well as working with others on one’s perception and conveyance of tree’s energy.
Thu 9 Apr  - Mon 13 Apr
Public Events , Payment: Credit Card
The “Energy of Nature” Workshop - Level 1 is a five-day programme that guides participants towards the cultivation of a deep awareness of our intuitive relationship with nature, particularly with trees and plants.
Sat 25 Apr  - Sat 2 May
Public Events , Community Group Programme
Growing crops in season can fosters the best growth of crop with minimal external input. This 2-day workshop will provide the basic skills for growing vegetables according to the seasons. The course will be delivered in Cantonese. Please refer to the Chinese version for details.
Thu 1 Jan  - Thu 31 Dec
School and Teacher's Programme , All-year Round Activities
This one-day programme is designed to help you reconnect with nature. A number of fun activities that will guide us into the magical world of plants.
Tue 26 Jan  - Thu 31 Dec
School and Teacher's Programme , All-year Round Activities
The one-day programme offers a unique experience: students will explore the forest silently, giving them the possibility to open their hearts, really listen and be alive to Nature.
Wed 1 Jan  - Thu 31 Dec
School and Teacher's Programme , All-year Round Activities
‘Soil and Us’ programme guides students through immersive activities and reflection to gain an understanding of the role of soil.
Wed 1 Jan  - Thu 31 Dec
Public Events , School and Teacher's Programme , Community Group Programme , All-year Round Activities
Forests are important in the ecosystem. They filter fresh water, supply oxygen, provide habitats for wildlife and even regulate climate. They are also vital to our livelihood, food, health and energy resources. However, due to human activities, Hong Kong has lost most of its forests over the last few centuries.