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We aim to improve the public's understanding and awareness of our natural environment, to show the importance of wildlife protection and the value of nature.

Group Tree Planting Programme

About KFBG
KFBG is a nature conservation and education centre located on the northern slopes of Tai Mo Shan in the New Territories. With educational displays featuring themes on South China biodiversity, native wildlife conservation, organic farming, and sustainable living, KFBG offers a wide-range of educational experiences and receives over 160,000 visitors annually.

About the Group Tree Planting Programme
The upper slopes around Tai Mo Shan were probably covered by healthy forest for millions of years until humans came along and cut and burned it down. With the rich forest soil being washed away by the rain and strong wind, young leaves of seedlings being eaten by the feral cattle, and the hillside being swept across by wildfire every few years, it has been difficult for the forest to re-establish itself. KFBG would like to invite corporation staff to work with our scientists to carry out part of this huge, long-term experiment to find the best conditions to help trees thrive on this high hillside and to grow into a diverse forest. Your involvement will contribute to the success of this experiment.

Silent Walk
A simple breathing exercise (emptying the mind and focusing on breathing) followed by a silent walk to the planting site will allow participants to reconnect to nature, and help them to release stress and find some inner peace.

Tree Planting – Team Building
In this project, different native tree species will be planted in groups with different treatments. Tree guards will be used to improve the survival chances of tree seedlings. Participants will be divided into groups to work out the most efficient way to complete different tasks such as weeding the site, adding fertilisers, setting tree guards, and planting seedlings. While designing the work flow and allocating tasks, participants will be able to understand the importance of their role in a team and it really does make a difference when teams collaborate effectively. The work must meet a rigorous scientific standard so that the experiment, lasting many years, will be valid.

Content and Objective: During the tree-planting activity, participants will acquire understanding about reforestation in Hong Kong, the values of native trees, and also will carry out planting of tree seedlings on the hill slopes. During the silent walk, participants will feel relieved and more connected to nature. The whole experience will also increase co-operation, enhance communication skills, and develop team spirit.

Number of tree seedlings to be planted: Average 2 seedlings per person (some teams may find it more efficient to have labour of division, so some participants may only need to set tree guards but the total number of trees planted should be 2 times the number of participants).

Materials & Tools: KFBG will provide planting materials, tools, and tree seedlings.
Period: 1st May – 31st July (Monday – Saturday, except public holidays)
Duration: Approximately 4.5 hours (0900 - 1330 hours)
Target & Group Size: Adult, a minimum of 20 people to a maximum of 40 people
Fees: HK$250 per person

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The application for Group Tree Planting 2019 has been closed. For further information, please contact Ms. Rose Chung:

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