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Fauna Conservation Reports & Publications


June 2020

Checklist of Selected Fauna at Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden - 2020

January 2019 Wildlife Crime: Case StudyPost seizure care and repatriation costs for a consignment of Indonesian Pig-nosed Turtles (Carettochelys insculpta) (pdf, 0.98 MB)
December 2018 Trading in Extinction -- The Dark Side of Hong Kong's Wildlife Trade (pdf, 4.90 MB)
October 2018

Post mortem and genetic study of an Eurasian Otter (Lutra lutra) carcass collected in Hong Kong SAR China (pdf, 2.15MB)

February 2018
A New Locality Record for the Asian Serotine Bat, Eptesicus pachyomus (pdf, 1.15MB)
September 2017 Live Animals in Illegal Trade: A review of selected holding and repatriation costs and enforcement outcomes for local confiscations (pdf, 1.7MB)
October 2016

Post Release Survival Monitoring of a Rehabilitated Leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis)
in Hong Kong SAR China (pdf, 759KB)

May 2016

Wildlife Crime—Is Hong Kong Doing Enough? (Jointly published by a number of organisations) (pdf, 750KB)

August 2015

Observations of Nectaring by Butterflies at Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden (pdf, 925KB)

November 2011

Brown Wood Owl Radio Tracking Technical Report 2011 (pdf, 2.6MB)

June 2010

Fung Yuen SSSI & Butterfly Reserve Moth Survey 2009 (pdf, 800KB)

August 2009

Turtle Plastron Study Report 2006-2009 (pdf, 6MB)

August 2009

Society for Conservation Biology Conference 2009 - Moths Poster (pdf, 2.2MB)

April 2008

Survivorship and dispersal ability of a rehabilitated Brown Fish Owl released more than a decade after admission to a wildlife rescue centre in Hong Kong SAR China (pdf, 300KB)

December 2007

First South East Asian Lepidoptera Conservation Symposium (SEALCS) Hong Kong 2006 (pdf, 6MB)

August 2006

Focus on Hong Kong Bats: Their Conservation and the Law (pdf, 1.49MB)





February 2019 Native Food Plants for Birds and Mammals in Hong Kong (pdf, 16.4MB)
November 2017
Fauna Conservation Department leaflet (pdf, 9.7MB)
May 2016


Wildlife Crime Infographic (Jointly published by a number of organisations) (pdf, 750KB)

May 2016

Good Fortune? or Misfortune? - a leaflet highlighting problems of captive animal releases (pdf, 1.16MB)

Stop & Think: Please Do Not Pollute Nature with Exotic Wildlife (Poster)

January 2016

Let's Care About Our Natural Heritage - Snakes leaflet (pdf, 1.5MB)

April 2013 Let's discover the World of Amphibians (pdf, 5.9MB) *updated in April 2020

February 2010

Fauna Conservation Department leaflet (pdf, 3MB)

January 2010

Let's Care About Our Natural Heritage - Wild Boar leaflet (pdf, 1.1MB)

January 2010

Let's Care About Our Natural Heritage - Macaques leaflet (pdf, 1.4MB) *updated on April 2015



September 2015

Night Activities in Nature - Useful Ground Rules (pdf, 747KB)

November 2011

Wildlife Pond Manual - First Edition (pdf, 3.5MB)

October 2009

Operational Guidelines For Wild Animal Rehabilitation - 3rd Edition (pdf, 6.6MB)



April 2005

KFBG 2005 Fauna Checklist (pdf, 2.9MB)

May 2004

Hong Kong Fauna - A Checklist of Selected Taxa (pdf, 2.3MB)