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KAAA Heritage Hunt

Here are some of the reference photos of the KAAA heritage sites:


In searching for the KAAA heritage spots, the following are useful materials:

  • A list of KAAA features recorded up to 1959, and possible locations where KAAA provided support after 1959
  • An Introduction Card: A sample question which you can use to communicate with the villagers if you need it
  • An Interview Record: You could jot down the conversation details after interviewing the villagers. This would help us to better understand the history of the heritage site

Please capture the screen of the location on Google map in your smart phone and upload to the Online Form below; or give us the map grid reference. This will help us to locate the heritage sites more accurately.

Example: Mau Ping Bridge  N022 023.055 E114 014.444


e.g. 22.4357640
e.g. 114.1179283