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Over-population and Environmental Issues


An unhindered global population growth has brought about the rapid depletion of our finite Earth.

Human population on Earth has often been described as growing exponentially. "Exponential growth" in human population refers to the phenomenon where not only is there a net growth of population over time, but the rate of acceleration of this growth is also increasing. The result is the ability of the human population to rapidly multiply in a relatively short amount of time.

Our exponential growth poses a great problem, adding to and worsening the effects of overpopulation. Because growth exists on two levels, even slowing down population increase will still result in a net gain of people over time. Only when growth stops and reverses to give a net loss of our numbers on Earth can there be any hope of easing the problems brought to us by overpopulation.

As Earth's capacity continues to be challenged by our numbers, a worldwide crisis is becoming imminent. Only through simplified lifestyles, careful family planning, knowledge and access to contraception for all, and intentional lowering of fertility across regions, can the crisis be averted. "Small is beautiful" is a sustainable way forward.

World Population Video Clip

By the end of the century, human population on Earth is projected to reach 10 billion, yet, the resources required to sustain human lives, including space, food and energy, are all limited. As the planet is strained to provide for every person, environmental problems will only worsen. This video simulation of population growth from 1 C.E.* to the year 2050 clearly demonstrates the exponential growth of the human species through time. The message is clear: only by making conscious choices to slow down population growth and lower resource use can the health and beauty of our planet be preserved.

Source: Population Education (YouTube Channel)
*C.E. is the abbreviation of "Common Era", used as an alternative to "Anno Domini" (or "A.D."), which marks the years following the point in time believed to be when Christ was born.

Population Growth Video Clip

With more people, having enough food, water, energy, and other resources to share among all of us becomes a challenge. Yet, our population continues to grow every second. The “Population Growth" video summarizes these problems of overpopulation and over-consumption in 5 minutes. It reveals that, aside from population control and family planning, each person must also consume less and adopt sustainable lifestyles to ensure the survival of not only the human race, but also the planet as we know it.

Source: MiNDTV35 (YouTube Channel)

Educational Resources

Click here and download the PDF slides of "Population".