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KFBG has three key strategic directions: Sustainable Living, Nature Conservation, and Holistic Education.  These involve, respectively, community-based work in helping people to gradually transition to low-carbon living; taking a holistic approach to nature conservation; and delivering educational activities to deepen people's connection to nature.

Our programmes raise public awareness that a transition to sustainable living is both urgently needed, desirable and achievable.

Our goal is to develop an expanding network of groups and individuals working towards community resilience, progressively reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, and reversing the destabilisation of the climate.

The dramatic loss of biodiversity can and must be stopped. At KFBG we work hard to protect the threatened natural habitats and species.

For plant and animal species, and habitats at greatest risk, we strive to understand their conservation status and needs, and develop and implement conservation action plans.

We believe that education should be informed by the same wholeness and harmony that we find in nature.

We recognise the relatedness and interconnectedness of all subjects: science is connected to intuition, economics to ecology, and philosophy to practice. Therefore, our educational programmes encompass ecology, art, farming, economics, culture and connecting with nature from the heart.