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Amphibian and Reptile House

Amphibians and reptiles are two of the most endangered groups of wild animals in Hong Kong and South China, due to habitat destruction and over-collection for the food and pet trade. Amphibians are particularly affected by water pollution and by the loss of wetlands due to human activities. In this display visitors will see examples of amphibians and reptiles that live in the Hong Kong countryside. 

Here you can see the endangered Golden Coin Turtle. Hong Kong is one of the few places in the worls  where this animal still survives in the wild. It has been hunted nearly to extinction because of a belief that consuming products of the Golden Coin Turtle will cure cancer. Leading Hong Kong scientists state that there is no evidence at all to support this claim.

Visitors will also see a a python here. Look out for our Python Keeper Talks - check this website or ask at Reception for details.