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Request for Donation of Second-Hand Equipment for Our Projects in China and Cambodia


Kadoorie Conservation China Department of KFBG started biodiversity conservation work since 1998; in collaboration with several National and Provincial Nature Reserves in Hainan, Yunnan and Guangxi of China, we provide professional guidance for the Reserves on effective management, biodiversity monitoring and capacity building. Since 2017, Kadoorie Conservation China Department has been expanding its project coverage to Cambodia, initiating biodiversity conservation and habitat restoration projects there.

However, we need more field equipment especially digital cameras and binoculars for wardens to use during their routine patrols in the forests. Cameras and binoculars are essential for the wardens to effectively monitor and record illegal activities, as well as rare animals and plants. These items would also help them to further develop their interest in nature.

If you wish to donate your second-hand digital cameras and binoculars, please give them to the KFBG Operations Office. We’ll pass them onto the Reserves for the wardens to use.

The basic requirements for the digital cameras are listed as below.

  • Digital Single-Lens Reflex cameras (with basic lens) less than 8 years old or other cameras less than 5 years old; 
  • At least 8 megapixels;
  • Support no less than 2GB memory card;
  • Provide batteries and chargers in good condition;

By donating the equipment to the wardens, you not only contribute to biodiversity conservation, but also help promote sustainability.

For enquiries, please contact Ms. Helen To at (852) 2483 7178 or