Sustaining the Pulse

Managing For Biodiversity Conservation in South China’s Forest Nature Reserves

By John R. Fellowes, Michael W.N. Lau, Ng Sai Chit, Bosco P.L. Chan, Ramesh Boonratana and Andy Brown

Price: HK $200

Biological diversity is at the heart of sustainable development, crucial to safeguarding the wellbeing and prosperity of ourselves and our planet. Nature reserves play a key role in conserving this priceless inheritance.

Sustaining the Pulse provides nature-reserve managers, especially those in the South China region, with the motivation, concepts, guidance and examples to help them in their vital work. Seventeen chapters, peppered with pictures and quotations, each address fundamental questions about managing for biodiversity, drawing on rich experience in China and internationally.

The authors urge reserve-staff themselves to ask questions – and, in learning, to build our collective ability to bring South China’s remarkable natural variety with us into a harmonious future.