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Walter Kerr Gardens

The gardens surrounding this part of the lower stream, behind the Piggery and the Art House and going up to the Raptor Sanctuary, are dedicated to Walter Kerr, a horticulturalist who was instrumental in the planning of the KFBG's gardens, paths and picnic spots in the early 1960's. Standing among the ferns and palms, it is hard to imagine how barren the area was just 60 years ago. Walter Kerr's memorial plaque is inscribed with the epitaph 'If you would see his memorial, gaze around you'. The gardens are a reminder of the beauty, peace and enjoyment that can be found in nature.

This is a lovely garden and is ideal for those who wish to experience the joy and magic of nature without too much physical effort, it is a must for school groups.

Here visitors can walk beside the stream amongst mature trees, alive with birds and insects. Looking to the future, we are gradually planting rare, beutiful native trees to fill gaps in the canopy.