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KFBG Annual Report 2017

Audit Report of Donations Received by KFBG (Permit No. 2018/068/1)




In 2017, our committed staff team, our volunteers and our many partners continued to contribute their energy, passion and skills to their work at KFBG.

Our Sustainable Living and Agriculture team continues to create and deliver an innovative range of community and individual development programmes, which provide concepts and practical tools that enable participants to become more resilient and happy, whilst consuming less.The Central Farmers’ Market celebrated its 10th anniversary on 22nd October 2017 at the marketplace in Central Star Ferry Pier 7.  In the past 10 years, the Central Farmers’ Market has been promoting public awareness of sustainable agriculture and bridging mutual support between local farmers and consumers.

The Green Hub project was showcased in various events of the World Sustainable Built Environment Conference Hong Kong 2017 as one of the winners of the Green Building Awards, which facilitated promotion of our sustainable practices to wider professional audiences in building sector.

Our nature conservation programmes are rooted in scientific rigour, yet have love of nature and people at their core. Our work in Nature Reserves in South China went from strength to strength in 2017, with conservation studies and actions, nature-reserve management, warden training and community livelihood programmes being highly regarded by the Mainland authorities. Our wild-animal rescue work in Hong Kong saw a record number of animals being treated.

If you would like to know more about our work and achievements, please take a look at our annual reports listed below.