Past Projects

Artists in Residence Programme

Since 2000, we have organised many art programmes where artists from Hong Kong, the Mainland China, and Taiwan have been invited to take part in art creation and exchange activities. Through various art works, we present the beautiful faces of nature to our visitors, school groups and the public, inspiring them to reflect upon the relationship between man and nature, and fostering a love of nature.

Interested artists should send the following information to the KFBG Education Department for our consideration:

1. Cover letter and personal profile;
2. Artist statement;
3. Proposal for residency project;
4. Examples of three or four previous works (jpg format).

For enquiries, please send email to​​​​​​​

Whispers in Nature

For our 2011 – 2012 Artist-in-Residence Programme, we have enlisted the creativity of two fibre sculptors from Taiwan: Pan Ping Yu and Chen Shu Yen. With delicate and feminine expressions, they whisper and offer the audience a platform to gently dance with nature. Their works rekindle our love and care for all wild places and the natural environment.

“Heart of Leaves 3”

by Pan Ping Yu

Material: Gauze, metal wires, fishing lines

Leaves made of gauze and metal wires are assembled as a heart-shaped nest. Reminding us of the lyrical beauty of forests, this work invites viewers to share a moment of heart-to-heart exchange with nature.









“Catching a Glimpse”

by Chen Shu Yen

Material: Bark, branches and leaves

Employing our ancestors’ old wisdom of using natural plants, the artist created a space with “natural handicraft”, using bark strings made from surrounding plants, coloured them with botanical dyes and knitted them into a large piece. Some parts are added with crocheted funnels that sway in the air, just like spiders that reach out and connect with nature. The web is attached to tree branches, allowing air to flow through freely. Artificial and natural elements find a platform for a happy dialogue.










Nature’s Pulse

In 2010, KFBG presented a series of installation artworks by five artists from Taiwan and Hong Kong. They seek to inspire, through the expression of oneness with nature in their artwork, the same love of nature on the part of the audience.

The artists from Taiwan were Lee Chao Chun, Pan Ping Yu, Yang Chun Sen, and, the Hong Kong artists were Ho Yuen Leung and Janice Lee.

Artwork highlights

“Traits of the Dragon”

by Yang Chun Sen (Taiwan)

Material: mud and wood (biochar)

“Traits of the Dragon” is an earthwork installation using carbonized wood (biochar) that invokes aesthetic as well as archaeological wonders. Although the “carbon” in air may be one of the culprits of global warming, carbonized wood, on the other hand, locks carbon inside it and is the most natural and “primitive way” to purify water and air. It is, therefore, used to invoke the protection of water – the source of life of the Farm, and, the “dragon” also brings to life the dreams of the Orient.

“The Goddess who Mended the Sky”

by Pan Ping Yu (Taiwan)

Material: plant fibre, paper pulp, iron wires and beads

The goddess who mended the sky reminds us of the imperative need for immediate action against global warming.