Artist-in-Residence 2017: Circle of Life - Wood Carving Project

Fallen trees, logs and branches are not wastes, besides turning them into biochar which can act like a compost to add nutrients to the soil, they can be brought back to life again in another form by the hands of skilful and creative wood artists. In 2017, five local wood artists created wooden sculptures at KFBG, with wood from KFBG's fallen trees. Visitors are welcomed to appreciate these sculptures located at different spots in KFBG.

Artist: Joe Li Siu Chung 
Title: Listen to the Sounds of Nature
Wood: Camphor Tree (Cinnamomum camphora (L.) J. Presl.)
Description: This leaf sculpture serves as a seat and a reminder for us to slow down and appreciate the beauty that exists in each moment. Please sit down, lean on the “leaf”, and listen to nature’s beautiful song. 
Location: Art House

Artist: Joe Li Siu Chung 
Title: Native
Wood: Flame of the Forest Tree (Delonix regia (Bojer ex Hook.) Raf)
Description: This wood sculpture is from a ‘Flame of the Forest’ tree, which grew for about 50 years next to the pigsties and unfortunately became unstable due to a typhoon. The artist carved the trunk into a black kite who is preparing to fly, giving encouragement to the native animals and plants under its wings.
Location: Pigsties

Artist: Terence Leung Yiu Hin
Title: Water Cycle – The Origin of Life
Wood: Taiwan Acacia (Acacia confusa Merr.)
Description: The seedlings are getting ready to rise and dance to welcome the morning dew for a new chapter in life. In each drop of water lies the source of life. By conserving water and protecting the streams and ocean, we are also protecting all living things.
Location: Near Orchid Haven

Artist: Chris Lau Yin Wa
Title: Fading Scales
Wood: Taiwan Acacia (Acacia confusa Merr.)
Description: Poaching and trafficking of Pangolins for delicacies and medicines have been threatening this endearing creature worldwide. This sculpture features the pangolin, fading into the wood log. It visualizes how the creature is disappearing from the world right before our eyes. 
Location: At the road junction between the roads to The Kadoorie Brothers Memorial Pavilion and Magnolia Falls

Artist: Mak Yee Man 
Title: The Life Force of Trees
Wood: Taiwan Acacia (Acacia confusa Merr.)
Description: Growth rings reveal the life journey and persistence of trees. By revealing the growth rings with a hand imprint, we can take a moment to connect to the tree and be reminded of the formidable life force of nature.
Location: Entrance to the Grassland Path

Artist: Raymond Pang Kam Yau
Title: A Snail’s Pace of life
Wood: Slash Pine (Pinus elliottii Engelm)
Description: Snails are the ‘slow-living’ ambassadors - inviting visitors to unwind and slow down amidst the hustle of modern life, appreciating every passing moment constituted by the sights, the sounds and the smells. 
LocationCascade Garden