Past Thematic Exhibition 

"Fantastic Forests - Embracing the Vitality of Trees"
- An Exhibition of Nature and Culture

1. Nature / Objectives 
As awareness of the importance of nature conservation has grown, trees have become a natural symbol for the protection and preservation of living things. Yet long before our current day awareness about the need for conservation, trees were an integral part of eco-systems, human life and culture, even though this was often under-appreciated.

In this exhibition, we will explore the intricate relationship between nature, humankind and trees. In their unique way, trees have long supported the development of our society,   ancient and modern cultures, myths and legends, and supported our human as well as millions of animal lives in countless practical ways. Without trees, we and more than half of the biological species on the planet will no longer exist. We aim to help you reconnect with our primal and instinctive relationship with trees, and appreciate their beauty and mystical aura.

2. Content

  • Biodiversity hotspots
  • Trees in various cultures
  • Tree ecology and types of forests
  • Restoration of native ecosystems
  • KFBG’s flora conservation programmes
  • Sensory interaction with fallen leaves*
  • Art workshops* i.e. tree ring printing, nature art installation, nature silhouette
  • Carpentry demonstration
  • Music performance
  • Storytelling session
  • Sharing of KAAA heritage sites, old photos and stories

*Fallen leaves activities and art workshops required advance reservation, please make reservation on the spot during your visit.

3. Date / Time
2 – 21 August 2016
10:00 - 17:00

4. Venue
Central Courtyard, Gallery L1 and L0
Jockey Club Creative Art Centre (JCCAC)
30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon

5. Fee
Free (Reservation is required for group tours)

6. Language
Cantonese or English

7. Group Size
15 – 20 Participants

8. Target Audience
Children and Adults

9. Registration
Please click here to register for the Interactive Tour online. 

10. Enquiry
Tel: (852) 5239 1502

*Special thanks to JCCAC for sponsoring the exhibition venue.