Art in Nature Programmes

Let's initiate a dialogue with nature by experiencing it with our senses and intuition, and expressing our creativity through making art and handicrafts. Please take some time to join our art activities when you visit KFBG.

Collaborative Art - Nature's Weavers


All of life on Earth is connected, bringing together all textures, colours and patterns in nature’s beautiful Web of Life.

Inspired by nature's connectivity, KFBG's newly installed weaving board invites visitors to come and contribute their own designs to create a giant woven artwork. Measuring 6 feet tall, the weaving board is symbolic of all who visited KFBG and found their connection with Nature. Come and get inspired, get creative, and get connected!

Walk-in Art Activities


Every day at our Art House, a series of nature-related art and handicraft activities can be enjoyed by our visitors. Please feel free to use our materials (and return them afterwards), walk around the gardens and forest and make your own art from what you see (please do not harm any living nature).

We would love to display your art on the walls of the Art House for others to enjoy, so post it up if you like, it doesn’t matter how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ the art is, just make things from your heart and let nature speak through you; or you can take your art home with you.

Activities include:

  • Nature Paint Brush
  • Natural Tree Ring Printing

Please note that The Art House will be CLOSED on the following dates for holding internal activities:

  • 19-20 October, 2018
  • 26-27 October, 2018
  • 6-10 November, 2018

NOTE: The Art House opens every day (except KFBG Closing Days) from 0930 to 1630 (lunch hour: 12:30-14:00). For group visitors of 20 people or above, please fill in the online application form first, and make reservation with specific date, time and no.of attendees of your visit at least a month in advance by email to