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28 Feb   2020   (FRI)   to  1 Mar  2020   (SUN)  

"Cooking the Message”: A 3-day Residential Retreat with Tribal Messenger, Jhon Kwano

Time: Whole day
Location:  The Green Hub (at the Old Tai Po Police Station, Tai Po) and Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden
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“When you receive a message from Nature,
don't try to understand it. Hold it, cook it and keep it.”
- Jhon Kwano


KFBG is delighted to once again host Jhon Kwano, an elder from the Dani tribe in the highlands of New Guinea, the largest island in Melanesia. New Guinea is one of the most bio-culturally diverse places on Earth and Jhon’s people still live as their ancestors have for thousands of years, in harmony with nature.

Jhon is from the last generation of his people to receive traditional initiation and he was identified from an early age for the role of Messenger, sharing the message of his tribe with outsiders and reporting back with what he has seen in the outside world. He is the only one known to be playing this role outside of Melanesia. As such he is authorized to represent not only the Dani, but also other cultures in both New Guinea and the rest of Melanesia.

In this retreat we will explore our relationship with Nature and beings other than human. Jhon will share the knowledge of his culture, the challenges they face and his experience of encountering the modern world. Jhon will explain how we can receive messages from nature and “cook” them to integrate them into our lives. The retreat will be based at the Green Hub in Tai Po and will include time in the beautiful natural surroundings of KFBG. It will also feature cooking together, experiential exercises and Breath of Bliss™ : a breathwork practice that infuses you with aliveness using deep, circular breathing, movement and sound. The retreat will be facilitated by Andrew McAulay, Chairman of KFBG, who has overseen the development of KFBG’s programmes since it’s ‘rebirth’ in 1995 as a nature conservation centre.

Andrew is passionate about nature, has written two books of poetry and has been practicing and teaching meditation for many years. He began exploring breathwork as part of a journey of healing from cancer and graduated from the Breath of Bliss™ Level 2 Facilitator Training in November 2017.



Breath of Bliss™ is a transformational practice that infuses you with aliveness using breath, movement and sound. Unlike other breathing practices, this exercise focuses on liberating oneself and achieving wholeness.

The deep, circular, connected breathing used in Breath of Bliss™ is very different from everyday or yogic breathing. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced sense of aliveness, clearing of blocked energy/emotions and giving you access to desirable emotions;
  • Profound insights, greater brain connectivity, creativity and focus;
  • Freedom from stress and anxiety;
  • Access to the unconscious mind to shed limited beliefs and patterns;
  • Greater feelings of compassion and connection to yourself, the Earth and other people;
  • Stimulation of the pituitary gland, release of natural chemicals to access visions, expanded states of consciousness and spiritual awakening.

YouTube Video with Jhon:
Invitation to Tribal Elders of the World: Breathwork is the Bridge

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09:00, 28 February 2020 (Friday) to
16:30, 1 March 2020 (Sunday)

Participants are expected to be residential and participate fully in every session. Applicants wishing to attend only parts of the programme will not be accepted, sorry. 

The Green Hub (at the Old Tai Po Police Station, Tai Po) and Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden

Located on a small hill at Wan Tau Kok, the Old Tai Po Police Station was the first permanent Police Station built in the New Territories in 1899. The Antiquities Advisory Board accorded the Old Tai Po Police Station Grade 1 Historic Building status in December 2009. The Development Bureau awarded the site to KFBG to transform the Old Tai Po Police Station into a 'Green Hub for Sustainable Living' under the Batch II of the "Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme".

In revitalising the Green Hub, KFBG adopted an integrated approach to conserve the historic, architectural and ecological values of the site. At the Green Hub, a range of low-carbon living programmes, and residential transformative workshops are now provided, to help individuals and organisations understand the low-carbon living alternatives to unsustainable consumption that is causing climate change and rapid resource depletion. 

The ‘Revitalization of the old Tai Po Police Station into the Green Hub for Sustainable Living’ project has received awards from UNESCO and the Green Buildings Council. You may visit the Green Hub website at for more information.


Target Audience/ No. of Participants: 
Aged 18 or above / Maximum 25 participants

Course Fee# HK$3,000 per person + Accommodation Fee+

#including lecture fee, vegetarian meals, outing arrangement and shuttle bus service between Green Hub and visiting sites during the workshop

+Accommodation Fee (depends on the room type; breakfast is included) Per-bed/person:

Room Type Single Room Twin Bed Room Triple-bed Room Six-bed Room
Price per bed/ per night HK$470 HK$380 HK$300 HK$230
Total price for 2 nights HK$940 HK$760 HK$600 HK$460
  • Multi-bed rooms will be organized according to gender

  • Most rooms have fans and natural ventilation, only a couple of rooms have air-conditioners. You may indicate your preference in the application form. We will try to arrange your accommodation based on your preference. Please note that a first-come-first-served policy will be adopted. For more information about the rooms, please visit 

Please complete the online application form on or before 14 February 2020. Details are as follows:

1. Please click here for the online registration.

2. Upon receipt of the application form, acknowledgement of application will be sent to you by email within 5 working days.

3. Spaces are limited and we may have to select participants from a large number of applicants.

4. If your application is accepted, a payment notice will be sent to you as well as your accommodation allocation by e-mail by 18 February 2020. We may need to ask you to be flexible over your accommodation request (not everyone can have a single room, and sharing is more fun!)

5. If your application is not accepted, you will be added onto the waiting list. We will inform you once there is a seat available. 

6. Payment method will be provided in the notice. Please settle the total fee (including course fee and accommodation fee) within one week after receiving the notice. Otherwise, your reservation may be cancelled and released for others. 

7. A confirmation letter will be sent to you by email after all payment is settled. 

8. Payment is not refundable after acceptance. 

For enquiries, please contact Vera Hung at 2483 7107 or 

For more information on Breath of Bliss, please visit