About Indo-Burma Program 2nd Phase : China 

The Regional Implementation Team

CEPF projects are managed in a hierarchical system, where the Indo-Burma Program is implemented through two levels of the Indo-Burma Regional Implementation Team (RIT) to ensure sufficient local knowledge and communication with grantee organizations. Since Indo-Burma Program 2nd Phase initiated in 2013, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) has become part of the Indo-Burma RIT to oversee small grants in China.

KFBG’s roles

  1. Coordinate between IUCN Asia and grantees (for small grants only);
  2. Facilitate call for proposals and organize reviews of applications;
  3. Implement all activities in a timely and transparent manner and ensure communication of results among stakeholders;
  4. Monitor the implementation of grantees;
  5. Maintain records of project inputs and outputs;
  6. Provide reports and records and any other project-related information to IUCN Asia and CEPF;
  7. Provide available supports to grantees when needed. 

Application Procedure

If you wish to apply for a grant, the first step is to thoroughly review the investment strategy included in the relevant ecosystem profile. Every grant awarded helps implement one of the strategic directions in the strategy included in the profile. Applicants should also review our application guidelines below and any specific announcement of grant availability. There is usually one Open Call for Proposal each year, but the application dates and funding targets vary, so potential applicants should pay attention to our announcements. From KFBG, we made announcements through our Wechat public account () and Weibo page (). 

If you decide to apply for a Call for Proposal, you are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to discuss your project ideas with the RIT prior to application to ensure eligibility. Enquiries should be sent to

A letter of inquiry (LoI) should be submitted during an Open Call for Proposals for each application. For small grants (<USD20,000), please use the template provided and send to (Cc: All letters of inquiry for large grants should be submitted through the online system ConservationGrants and should be written in English.

Review and Grant-Making Procedure

After a call is closed, KFBG identifies the eligible LoIs, organize an internal review and an external review by China’s National Advisory Committee (NAC). The review results will be sent to IUCN Asia and CEPF, where the decisions will be made.

After an application is successful, the new grantee will be asked to fill in a series of forms and submit supporting documents for the project. Then a contract will be drafted, reviewed and signed with IUCN Asia, before any transaction of funds will be processed. The entire grant-making process usually takes about one year. 


  1. Indo-Burma Ecosystem Profile Summary (2011) English
  2. Indo-Burma Ecosystem Profile Summary (2011) Chinese
  3. Application Guidelines for the Letter of Inquiry English
  4. Letter of Inquiry template English
  5. Letter of Inquiry template Chinese

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