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KAAA Heritage Hunt

Once Lawrence and Horace Kadoorie had founded the Kadoorie Agricultural Aid Association (KAAA), they started a number of agricultural aid programmes to help refugee farmers. The brothers believed that simple hand-outs were not enough; aid would only be effective if the recipients had the determination and the ability to stand on their own two feet.

KAAA distributed thousands of pigs, cattle and poultry to farmers. KAAA also donated bags of cement for farmers to build pathways, wells, irrigation systems and dams. They gave farmers seeds, fertilisers, insecticides, sprayers and water pumps so that they could grow crops. Over the years, a total of 50,000 pigs were distributed, and more than 318 km of roads and pathways were built with KAAA donated cement.

These days in Hong Kong, many farms and villages have been abandoned or downsized, but if you hike around the New Territories you may still stumble across old agricultural and livestock facilities, roads, bridges, dams, houses or embankments marked with the KAAA logo.

Records up to 1959 show that certain structures were built in certain villages. It is likely that not all of those still have the KAAA mark on them. So there are many 'possible' KAAA structures out there too. A record up to 1959 is available below (after you submit disclaimer) so that interested members of the public can go to search for these structures and tell us about them, so that they can be mapped. Building continued throughout the 1960s and 70’s but those records were lost, so there are certainly other structures in other villages.

If you do come across any please take a photo and send it in to us with details of the location. We are collecting a record of all KAAA heritage sites and hope to collect information on all the sites. We have provided a form in the next page to help you. We will publish your findings on the KAAA Heritage Map. Before joining this Heritage Hunt activity, please read our disclaimer, then check the box next to the statement below, indicating that you have read the disclaimer and agree to its terms.

Submission deadline: 31 December 2016

Prize: A selected KFBG souvenir will be given to participants who submitted photos and details of one or more heritage site(s)

KAAA Heritage Map


Disclaimer and Safety Advice
1.    Participants should take reasonable care concerning their own safety during any outing in relation to the Kadoorie Agricultural Aid Association (KAAA) Heritage Hunt project, which is part of KFBG’s 60th Anniversary celebrations.

2.    Participants should judge their own fitness and skills and engage in the project at a level that is suitable for them and their group members.

3.    Many villages containing historical KAAA structures are easily accessible by car and public transport, and then by walking in and around the village. Some village sites require a long hike into rural, mountainous and forested areas – please do not attempt these unless you are experienced, well-equipped and with at least one other person.

4.    Care should be taken to bring sufficient water and food, good footwear and clothing, a map; tell others where you are going, let them know when to expect you back and call them when you return safely. Please do not climb on, or jump off, structures in remote areas. Please note that some sites do not have mobile phone network coverage. If confronted by village or stray dogs participants should be brave and stay in a tight group. Do not turn your back on the dogs. Adopt a 'leader of the pack' attitude and they should respect you. Do not run away as the dogs may enjoy chasing you.

5.    Participants engage in the KAAA Heritage Hunt project entirely at their own risk. KFBG is not responsible for any injury, illness, death, or loss of, or damage to, participants’ belongings, caused as a result of participants engagment in the project.

6.    KFBG is not able to provide insurance coverage for members of the public for the KAAA Heritage Hunt project.