Nature Education Programmes

KFBG offers a variety of programmes for general public, ranging from school children to adults. Our wide range of programmes covers different learning areas to enhance visitors' knowledge and experience. Key components are the participants' relationship with nature, and conservation issues in Hong Kong.

Please note that most of these programmes need to be booked in advance.

Programme List

Guided Tours
Experience the wonders of nature

Join one of KFBG's guided tours. Experience the wonders and joy of nature! Enjoy hands-on activities and guided visits.

We encourage a passion for nature, conservation and ecology by nurturing an appreciation of the natural world.

All tours are led by our trained environmental interpreters:

  • Animal Keeper Talk
  • Sensory Walk and Pot Planting Activity
  • Origami Workshop Activity

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Natural Wood Workshop
Trees and Traditional Craftsmanship

In this workshop, participants experience a highly creative process rooted in connecting with nature, and will understand the ecological importance of trees. Participants will gain practical skills in woodworking safely and efficiently with simple woodworking hand tools, revisiting this age-old method of creation, to produce handmade wood products.
  • Wood in nature
  • Woodworking skills and processes
  • Handmade wood products

Natural Wood Workshop (Nov 2018)
Natural Wood Workshop – For Secondary School Students

The Secret World of Wild Animals
Unveil the secrets of our native wild animals

The one-day programme offers a unique experience: students will explore the forest silently, giving them the possibility to open their hearts, really listen and be alive to nature. They will become animal detectives, getting to know some of our native wild animals through observation, and they’ll even have the opportunity to be close to rescued animals, which will give them an even greater sense of connection with them.

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In Touch with Nature - 5-day Summer Camp for Children
Explore Nature through a range of experiential activities

We will explore nature through hiking in woodland, art in nature workshops, animal encounters, harvesting and preparing low-carbon lunch with fresh vegetables at the Green Hub.
Participants will be able to make new friends, bond with nature and gain greater awareness of the conservation of biodiversity in Hong Kong.     

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Talk to Plants
Strengthen awareness of the beauty and awe of plants

This programme is designed to help you reconnect with nature.

We provide a number of stimulating activities that will guide you into the magical world of plants.

We will be using sound, smell, taste, touch, and sight to forge a deeper connection with nature. Also, our flora photography exercise will help you pick out the special and beautiful features of plants that you may have never noticed before.

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Treasure Hunt
Explore nature, and yourself and have fun.

What is the treasure?

Treasure is not gold or material goods.

The real treasure in this activity, and in life, is the mystery and beauty of nature;

Realizing that you and nature are one;

and realizing that within you is all the happiness you could ever want.

Uncover these priceless treasures.

You can choose from two treasure hunt routes, either covering the Lower, Middle and Upper areas of KFBG, or just the Lower Area.

For each route you will receive a treasure hunt booklet listing out 12 checkpoints. Visit each location, carry out the tasks set out on the board and write in your booklet the answers / activity. You will see an embossed plate at each checkpoint, by rubbing a crayon or pencil on your booklet page the image will appear in the booklet. The Lower Area Treasure Hunt is very good for children and can take around one hour.

The longer treasure Hunt is a good way to supplement your hike around KFBG, and would take around three hours.

No prior application is required. Please collect the Treasure Hunt booklet from the Reception Office. For school groups who wish to have a large amount of the copies for distributing to your students, you are welcomed to download the soft copies here (Upper Area / Lower Area) and print out yourselves.

For enquiries, please contact the Education Department at (852) 2483 7200 or