Past Workshops

1. Nature is the Healer - A 3-day Retreat with Tribal Messenger, Jhon Kwano

KFBG is delighted to once again host Jhon Kwano, an elder and Messenger from the Dani tribe in the highlands of Papua, one of the most bio-culturally diverse places on Earth. Join us for 3 days of stories, sharing, breathwork and healing in nature.

In this retreat, Jhon will share the knowledge of his culture, the challenges they face and his journey through the ‘Four Worlds’. He will help participants explore how to harmonise our relationship with nature in the modern world and guide them in a journey of healing in the beautiful natural surroundings of Kadoorie Farm.

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2. Reconnecting with our Roots: Spirit, Culture & Nature

For many generations, our ancestors lived in harmony with their environment. Since the rise of civilisation, however, this connection has gradually been eroded. Now, with industrialisation, rapid urban growth and consumerism, a crisis has emerged all levels: social, ecological and spiritual. Yet with crisis comes opportunity: a chance to transform our lives and rediscover a simpler, more joyful way of being.

In this workshop with visiting teachers, Dr. Satish Kumar and, Jhon Kwano, we will explore what it means to live in harmony with nature in the modern context and how to become truly happy as we face unprecedented challenges. Drawing from their experiences growing up in different cultural contexts, the teachers will guide participants to reflect on their own ancestry, to uncover an understanding of our common humanity and a feeling of reverence toward the Earth, our home. We will also hear from local guest speaker, Dr. Billy Hau, whose family have lived in Hong Kong for 27 generations.

The workshop will begin with a public talk by Dr. Kumar and go on to combine theory, experiential learning, hands-on activities and reflection in the beautiful environments of the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) and the Green Hub, Tai Po.

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3. "Small is Beautiful" 5-day Residential Workshop

During 3 - 7 December 2014, Dr. Satish Kumar visited KFBG for the fifth time to lead this five-day, residential 'Small Is Beautiful' workshop to explore how this concept can be applied today to combat climate change and harmonize our relationship with the earth.

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4. "Economics of Happiness" ’ 2-day Transformative Workshop

What is the purpose of our economy? The well-renown educator and the editor-in-chief of Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine, Satish Kumar, once said, ‘The purpose of the economy is to provide human wellbeing and enough materials to provide basic needs and reasonable comfort, as well as spiritual prosperity.’

What should a good economy look like? How could we create an economy that brings prosperity and wellbeing without harming the ecosystem on which it depends? In the workshop, Helena Norberg-Hodge, a pioneer of the new economy movement, will share her views, visions, experiences and global cases for participants to explore how this is possible through local actions. Participants will also go on an outing to visit examples of local economics and local community collaboration.

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5. When Quantum Physics Meets Daoism" Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to develop a new way of thinking about ourselves and about nature, that will foster a more balanced and sustainable relationship between us humans and our environment.

We will look for this new world-view through the insights of quantum physics, open up vistas that move beyond the materialistic approach and build holistic thinking in caring for Planet Earth. 

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'When Quantum Physics meets Daoism" 5-day Residential Workshop 2015
'When Quantum Physics meets Daoism" 5-day Residential Workshop 2014

6. 'Slow Is Beautiful - Learning Ecological Wisdom from Asian Traditions' Workshop
Holistic thinking in caring for Planet Earth

A great shift is imperative in this age of crises caused by our own civilization with its race to get faster, bigger and more.This workshop is an opportunity to define the nature of change that society and we ourselves must go through. While unlearning the dominant economic mindset of our time, we will relearn a way of life defined by the three “s” words; “slow,” “small” and “simple,” key concepts in traditions of Asian wisdom. The great turning may also be characterised as one “from global to local”; “from excess to enough”; “from competition to sharing” and “theft to gift”.

This workshop will be an exploration into a new vision of an “economics of wellbeing”. It is a pursuit towards a local, communal, ecological, healthy, ethical, peaceful, joyful and loving way of life. View the Activity Report.