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News Update on Traffic Accident Outside KFBG on 27.9.2018

1.       At approximately 12.21 on 27.9.2018 at Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, a traffic accident occurred outside KFBG. This involved a collision between a contractor truck and an exit gate. As a consequence a Senior Officer of KFBG, who was at work, was critically injured by the falling gate.

2.       The emergency services were called and arrived quickly. Around twenty KFBG staff offered assistance and were at the scene soon after the accident.

3.       The female patient was semi-conscious and clearly was seriously injured.  There was a lot of blood on her face and on the road.

4.       Several fire trucks and ambulances were blocking Lam Kam Road, causing congestion.

5.       The patient’s leg appeared broken, an ambulance officer cut up the trousers revealing a fracture, with bone protruding.

6.       At this point an unknown man dressed in black suddenly entered the scene running across the road. He then ran around the ambulance officers and firemen quickly filming the patient with a mobile phone, either photographing or filming the injured person.

7.       The man disturbed the Ambulance Officers in treating the injured woman.

8.       His actions were highly intrusive and seriously violated the injured woman’s privacy.

9.       The man appeared to be a passing member of the public. He did not wear a press badge or identify himself as a reporter.

10.   Many KFBG staff shouted to him to stop filming. The scene of our critically injured friend and colleague being filmed was indecent and was upsetting to all the staff present.

11.   The man ignored the calls to stop and continued to film.

12.   The man did not have verbal or written permission from anyone at the scene, including the injured woman to film or photograph them, or publish those images.

13.   A KFBG staff member, Andrew Brown, Executive Director, stepped forward and temporarily took the mobile phone from the man to stop him filming the injured staff member, in order to protect her privacy.

14.   It was Mr. Brown’s understanding at that time that the press or members of the public do not have the right to invade an individual’s privacy in this indecent way and that the actions of the man were unlawful under privacy laws.

15.   Mr. Brown did not intend to permanently deprive the man of the mobile phone.

16.   The man quickly apologized to Mr. Brown and said that he was a reporter. He briefly flashed what he said was his Press Card, which was in his trouser pocket, but he would not allow Mr. Brown to inspect it.

17.   The man then pulled out a second mobile phone and continued to film the scene, and no one could stop him.

18.   After the ambulance had left KFBG staff apologized to the man and tried to return the phone to him, but he refused to take it.

19.   A few minutes later he took the mobile phone and left.

20.   The injured staff member was admitted to hospital in critical condition. She was described as stable later.

21.   Reporters invaded the patient’s privacy further by obtaining her personal information and publishing it along with invasive photographs.

22.   We wish the patient a speedy recovery.

23.   Mr. Brown hereby apologizes to the man.