Hainan Annual Wintering Waterbird Survey


Hainan is an important stopover along the East Asian-Australian Flyway for migratory birds. Its diverse and extensive wetland ecosystems provide suitable wintering ground for different waterbirds. A total of 138 waterbird species have hitherto been recorded in Hainan, including a number of large-bodied species such as pelicans, storks and cranes which are historically known from the island. However, many of these sites are unprotected and their conservation values are not fully recognised.


Conservation Actions

In order to provide baseline data to better protect Hainan’s waterbirds, Kadoorie Conservation China Department partnered with the Hainan Provincial Forestry Department and other collaborators conducted annual wintering waterbird survey in Hainan since 2003. The survey covered over 70 wetland sites each year, and recorded 85 waterbird species by 2017. These surveys yielded many new provincial records and discovered new wintering sites for globally threatened species, such as those of the Black-faced Spoonbill (Platalea minor). The conservation values of these sites have since been recognised and some have been designated as nature reserves. The surveys also trained up local birders, some of whom are now core members of nature reserves and NGOs.