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The Green Hub is revitalised from the Old Tai Po Police Station. Now it is a centre of promoting sustainable life. Check out the website for the current and upcoming programmes!

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Seasonal Highlight - Fauna

Check out the wild creatures that you may see on our hillside during this month!

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What to do if you encounter a wild snake?

Misunderstandings and improper behaviour can put both you and the snake in danger.

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Online Reservation

Group Visits and Parking Space.

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KFBG suggested walking routes

Visit KFBG and hike in the serene surroundings of our beautiful forest and gardens.

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What to do if you encounter a baby bird in the wild?

Knowing what to do when you find a baby bird can greatly increase its chance of survival.

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Fauna Outreach Volunteer Programme 2019

The Fauna Outreach Volunteer Training Programme provides comprehensive training and guidance for volunteers.

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