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The rescue programme has received nearly 60,000 injured and seized wild animals since 1994, and successfully rehabilitated, rehomed and released nearly half of these animals. Not only are we undertaking the conservation of endangered native species, some on the edge of extinction such as the Golden Coin Turtle, but we also have a key role to play regarding the preservation of some of the world’s rarest species such as the Madagascan Ploughshare Tortoise. Furthermore, we also share conservation messages and education opportunities with the public through Live Education Displays of un-releasable and disabled animals, such as Barking Deer, Leopard Cats and Eagle Owls.

Your DONATION can contribute toward the specialist food needs of the diverse species in captivity, help with the enclosure management and upgrade and support the costs of veterinary and husbandry care of the animals under temporary holding and prior to their rehoming into conservation programmes around the globe.

You are invited to make a one-off or monthly donation at whatever level you feel comfortable. 

To thank you for your ongoing commitment as a monthly sponsor, you will get:

  • Printable electronic copies of Thank You Letter and Thank You Certificate
  • A yearly update on the status of the rescued animals (PDF)

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Your compassion means so much and you can further support us with the care of the rescued animals and maintenance of the educational exhibits. 

We thank the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department for their support towards the work of the Wild Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation programme.

Have further questions? Please email info@kfbg.org

Your compassion goes a long way toward joining us to make a difference regarding the conservation and captive care of these miserable animals.