Conservation and Research
Fauna Conservation Flora Conservation Conservation by Site Ecological Advisory Programme Collaborative Research in KFBG’s Nature Reserve Researchers Facilities

Flora Conservation

  • Aquilaria
  • Red Listing Hong Kong orchids
  • Ecology and Conservation of Bulbophyllum bicolor in Hong Kong
  • Prioritising Orchids for Conservation Based on Phylogenetic History and Extinction Risk
  • Taxonomy and Ecology of Indo-Burma Orchids and Other Plants
  • Dynamics of Reintroduced Tropical Orchids
  • Ecology and Conservation of Phalaenopsis pulcherrima in Hainan
  • Developing an Orchid Conservation Strategy for Lao PDR
  • Confronting the Wild Orchid Trade in the Indo-Burma Region
  • Documenting Hong Kong’s Wild Plant Diversity
  • Forest Dynamic Plot
  • Experimental Forest Restoration Plots
  • Experimental Forest Enhancement Plots
  • New Discoveries