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Annual Report

2018 saw our documentary film series, ‘Garden in the Sky’, receive Official Selection status in film festivals in the USA and Europe, and it was also broadcast across Asia. 

In 2018, we hit the milestone of 10,000 stray snakes received to our Wild Animal Rescue Centre since 1999, the majority of which were returned to the wild. We have helped the population of an extremely rare oak tree, Hu’s Oak, rebound. With only 10 mature individuals known in Hong Kong, it is on the brink of extinction locally. Young trees, grown from wild seeds in our Native Tree Nursery, are now thriving in our forest restoration plot, high on the mountain, and around 10 flowered for the first time this year.

The Green Hub, our Sustainable Living programme in the Old Tai Po Police Station, completed its first three years of operation. The Green Hub team continues to be recognised for their work with awards from external bodies; this year for their hardware and human efforts in accessibility.

If you would like to know more about our work and achievements, please take a look at our annual reports listed below.