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Orchard Trail

The Orchard Trail leads through former fruit orchards, of which all that remains are old longan and citrus trees scattered on the surrounding slopes. KFBG is now restoring the hillside to create a native woodland suitable for local wildlife by inter-planting native tree seedlings amongst the old fruit trees. We will gradually remove all the old orchard trees. The wood is recycled into biochar, which is put back into the depleted soil to enrich it.

Please download 'Suggested Walking Routes' for details of routes, walking times, elevation, difficulty levels and highlights.


In the high-visitor-traffic areas of the Lower Area there are many handrails, walls and painted step-edges.

In order to preserve the wild feeling of the walking trails in the semi-wild areas of the forest paths above the Raptor Sanctuary and Orchid Haven, and the wild areas of the Sky Trail, we provide relatively less safety infrastructure. Visitors are expected to take more personal responsibility for their safety in these areas.