For Earth Day, 20,000 tonnes of Carbon Emission Savings committed by Hong Kong Youths, to Combat Climate Change

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(HONG KONG, 21st April 2018) On the eve of the Earth Day 2018, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) is delighted to announce that they have received a total commitment to save 20,000 tonnes of carbon emission in collaboration with the over three hundred trained teachers, students and families, through life-style changes, under the 2017/18 Zero Carbon Pioneer project.

KFBG is pleased to have The Honorable WONG Kam Sing, GBS, JP, Secretary for the Environment of the Government of the HKSAR, MR LO Ho Wan, Howard, Chairman of Shun Tak Fraternal Association, Ms Mabel MAK, Honorary Advisor to the Zero Carbon Pioneer Project to officiate the Award Presentation Ceremony of Zero Carbon Pioneers today.

“To combat climate change, apart from close collaboration at the local, regional, national and international levels, active participation of the whole community in carbon reduction is also crucial.  To effectively and persistently reduce carbon emissions, it is important to cultivate a low-carbon lifestyle.  The Government has just launched the “low carbon living calculator” to help the public assess their personal carbon emissions in respect of clothing, food, living and travel in the past year, so that they will know whether they are an “Energy Saving Champion” or a “Big Waster”. This enables us to compare one's own carbon footprint with others, as well as to switch to low-carbon living through behavioural change.” said Mr. WONG Kam Sing, Secretary for the Environment.

“Climate change is a global challenge that is threatening the future of everyone and all of nature. Changing to a more sustainable living style is urgently needed, desirable and achievable. The Zero Carbon Pioneer project has been raising awareness and bringing real change, by engaging youths to lead their families and friends to incorporate low-carbon practices into daily life. Our Zero Carbon Pioneer training programmes and educational workshops, led by the trained pioneers, embrace the realities that sustainable living is more affordable, less stressful, more fulfilling, builds bonds with the community, and brings greater happiness than a money and consumption-focused lifestyle,” said Andy BROWN, Executive Director of KFBG.

The Zero Carbon Pioneer project was conducted in the 2017-18 academic year to engage hundreds youths, teachers and their family members as educational ambassadors to promote a community response to climate change challenges. The project has trained over three hundred ambassadors and reached over 7,000 people who, in the past six months have stated their commitment to a low carbon lifestyle.

Examples of how people have changed their lives following their commitment include: saving electricity and water; eating less meat; buying locally produced food; shopping less; wasting less; not buying packaged goods; spending more time hiking with friends; travelling outside Hong Kong less, taking public transport more; setting the air-con at 26 degrees; and growing some of their own food.

Ms Mabel MAK said, “The keen commitment of the Shun Tak Fraternal Association, strong leadership of school heads and active participation of teachers, students and their families have been key for the project’s success. The Award Presentation Ceremony for Zero Carbon Pioneers has been organized in recognition of the effort of all pioneers and project supporters. By holding the ceremony at today, the eve of the Earth Day 2018, we are sustaining the spirit of the Zero Carbon Pioneer project spreading the message of sustainable living to the large community of Lok Fu and Wong Tai Sin, one of the most densely populated areas of Hong Kong.”

The Zero Carbon Pioneer Project has been organized by KFBG since fall 2017 and was funded by the General Chinese Charities Fund managed by the Chinese Temple Committee, and the ceremony venue, Lok Fu Place, was sponsored by the Link HK Ltd. Members of the general public are encouraged to learn more about the issues and join the low carbon living community, and register their own commitment at

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  1. Officiating guests from left to right: Mr Andy BROWN, Executive Director of KFBG, The Honorable WONG Kam Sing, GBS, JP, Secretary for the Environment of the Government of the HKSAR, Mr LO Ho Wan, Howard, Chairman of Shun Tak Fraternal Association and Ms Mabel MAK, Honorable Honorary Advisor to the Zero Carbon Pioneer project.
  2. Group photos of the officiating guests, the Zero Carbon Pioneers, Zero Carbon Masters and Zero Carbon Families.


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