Fun! 2013 Easter Holiday with KFBG and Taiwan Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company

Holistic Education

The famous Taiyuan Puppet Theatre from Taiwan is coming to Hong Kong.

Puppetry has a very long and varied history. It has played a unique and significant historical role in society, as a way of passing stories, fables and legends down through the generations, with all the wealth of cultural and traditional teachings and wisdom they contain.

KFBG has invited the Taiyuan Puppet Theatre, which has performed in over twenty countries around the world, to bring a series of puppet programmes during the Easter Holidays in 2013. There will be various activities, integrating culture, art, stories and music, for children and families. Through these we seek to enable people to reconnect with nature and culture, and with the boundless world of their own imagination and creativity, through this beautiful traditional art form. The series of programmes will include Little Fish Shadow Plays, Shadow Puppet Workshops and an exhibition on the history of Guangdong puppets.

For more details about the programmes at KFBG, please visit KFBG website or contact us by email at