KFBG Good Life Festival 2014 ~ Unveil our Hearts through Nature, Enrich our Lives with Art ~

Holistic Education

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden will be holding our yearly large-scale event - KFBG “Good Life” Festival from 1st to 2nd November, 2014, to celebrate nature's gift and showcase a way of living in harmony with our environment.

During the Festival, there will be many interactive workshops and activities such as Green Market, Hands-on Activities, Art Performance, Guided Tours, Animal Encounters, Nature Art Workshops and Veggie Chef Studio, where participants can experience through fun, the beauty of nature.

A series of Nature Art Workshops, such as Flour Sculpture Making, Porcelain Painting, Recycled Wood Art, Nature Dance Psuche and African Drumming Experience, will help visitors to connect and appreciate nature through different art elements.

Besides vegetarian talks, a cooking studio will be held to promote simple dietary and lifestyle. Dr. Irene Lo, a registered Surgeon who has been a vegan for 16 years, will deliver a talk titled “Raw Vegan and whole grain diet - from scientific and medical points of view” on 2nd November at 3pm. During the Veggie Cooking Studio, participants will learn how use Greater Burdock, a healthy root vegetable rich in dietary fibres and low in calories, to make delicious and healthy dishes.

Furthermore, for those who are interested in knowing more about animals, plants, and sustainable living, there will be guided tours on different themes for them to join. Animal lovers are welcome to join the “Animal Encounters” where they can have a close contact experience with the animals and learn about the wildlife in Hong Kong and the threats they are facing.

All are welcome to participate in the KFBG “Good Life” Festival. Please travel green and use public transport to KFBG. To help reduce waste, please bring your own shopping bag, eating utensils and water bottle to the Festival.

KFBG Good Life Festival
Date: 1st - 2nd November, 2014, 09:30-16:30
Venue: Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden
Admission Fee: $30 per person
Enquiry: edu_programme@kfbg.org / 2483 7284
Website: www.kfbg.org

*Advance reservations for Nature Art Workshops and Veggie Cooking Studio are required. To reserve a seat, please enroll on or before 27th October by email edu_programme@kfbg.org.