23rd Kadoorie Brothers Memorial Race

Activity Report

The 23rd Kadoorie Brothers Memorial Race was held on 17th December 2017, to commemorate the Kadoorie brothers, Lord Lawrence and Sir Horace. This time we received over 230 applications and 143 participants attended on that day. The race-route was modified this year, which means all the records are new.

Runners ran from the starting point outside the Farm Shop

The new race-route is 0.4 km longer than the previous year, 5.7 km long in total, after we added an extra loop to provide a good view of the lower area. The route rises steeply uphill weaving through the beautiful gardens and forest of KFBG. The route also dips down before rising again, eventually finishing at the Kadoorie Brothers Memorial Pavilion (602 m). Many runners came across a wild macaque calmly sitting beside the road near Orchid Haven watching everyone pass.

We had 7 KFBG staff and management members running.

This year we had 7 KFBG staff and management members running, and 5 child runners, who were 10 years old or below. The youngest one was only 8 years old. For the top athletes it was running all the way in a super-human effort. For most normal people it was a mixture of running and walking. One runner, from Papua, ran barefoot! All of them found it tough and they tried their best and had a very enjoyable and memorable morning.

We thank everyone that made a charitable contribution towards our conservation, education and sustainable living programmes.

The results of the race for top places for 2017 are as follows:






Chan Wai Ying

43 min 42 sec*

First Runner-up

Heung Suet Ling

45 min 51 sec

Second Runner-up

Lo Yin Ngor

46 min 52 sec

*This is the record for the new course; the women’s record for the old, shorter course is 32 min 16 sec, made by Yiu Kit Ching (姚潔貞) in 2016.

Top places in women's group.






Seth Fischer

33 min 00 sec*

First Runner-up

Ngan Chiu Ki

33 min 22 sec

Second Runner-up

Mo Long Ki

33 min 38 sec

*This is the record for the new course; the men’s record for the old, shorter course is 26 min 42 sec, made by Mr Chan Ka Ho (陳家豪) in 2016.

Trophies for this year’s race were designed by local artist Joe Li (李紹忠); we used the rooster as the theme to mark the Year of Rooster.  The poultry operation of KFBG is over 60 years old now. Today our poultry operation focuses on conservation of a heritage chicken breed and demonstrates sustainable practices for poultry farming. Please remember that Kamei chicken is not from Kadoorie Farm, as is sometimes falsely claimed by vendors; we do not sell any of our chickens.

Participants had a very enjoyable and memorable morning.

Get your running (and walking) shoes on and start to get your body fit and healthy in the outdoors, ready for the next race in December 2018.