A Journey to Tai Po: Historical Imprints in Nature

KFBG Diary

Most visitors arrive at KFBG by taking the 64K bus from Tai Po. The route has numerous stops and can be a lengthy bus ride. While you may be used to looking down on your phone, watching outside the window or daydreaming as you take the bus, this classic route winds through places with many hidden historical stories, illustrating the intimate interaction between nature and us.

KFBG invites you to watch a series of videos and explore Tai Po through the interactive map of ‘A Journey to Tai Po: Historical Imprints in Nature’. These videos introduce the geography, flora and cultural landscape of Tai Po from a historical perspective and aims to promote awareness of local history and harmony with the environment. So, next time when you hop on to 64K, you can lookout for imprints of the past.

The four videos are:

  1. Hong Kong and Incense Tree
  2. Kwun Yum Shan and the Ancient Tea Terrace
  3. Once Upon A Tai Po Market …
  4. The Forgotten Battle at the New Territories: The Six-Day War

Some of the special locations explored in this series include the Spiral Lookout Tower at Tolo Harbour, Man Mo Temple, the iconic Kwong Fuk Bridge and Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree.  Click on the map below and wander around Tai Po, to learn more about the cultural and natural side of Tai Po.